This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Here in Sevilla Ward, there is a family who has a missionary going to Ghana Africa Mission. He leaves on November 30th.  Last Friday night, we had a "Sevilla Night" which is what they call the ward’s activities no matter what the occasion is. Their going away part included the welcoming back of another Elder who just came back from his 2 year service. What they did for the going away part was some games, had a talk from the Bishop, had Bro. Lorilla speak then sat him down in a chair at the front of the cultural hall facing everyone and every member of his family had a chance to speak. His Dad and Mom are both converts, so he is the first of his family to serve. 

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the one and only true church because I’ve seen so many blessings to those who are faithful to its standards. There are so many families that have a lot of kids (3-7) where only one parent works, and yet as long as they keep the Sabbath Day holy, pay a full tithe and do everything else they are supposed to do, they will have enough at the end of the day, month and year to support their righteous living.  I know if we are having a hard time in our lives, we first need to look inside and evaluate our actions.  Are my actions in line with what Heavenly Father wants for me? If it’s not, or if it’s living contrary to the standards of the Church, fix it, and "and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." Malachi 3:10

If you are not a member, or do not know where to start, contact a member of the Church, It could be my family, and get in contact with the Missionaries. They are ordained and authorized to guide us to the straight and narrow path. Of course we will not know this if we don’t test it.  So we need a open heart and willing mind and to TRUST HIM, then act. 

Thanks to all of you who read this blog, even if it’s just the ramblings of a rice hungry missionary in the Philippines.   I know the things I share to you are true, and I leave them with you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. 

Elder Hennessey

Back when I had short hair :) Elder Tabaua is the big guy in most of these pictures. He’s from Kiribiti, islands close to Fiji. He is an awesome house mate and loves to eat fish and rice. He goes home with my companion on December 11.



Monday, November 13, 2017


I have 5 minutes!!! I'm literally always running out of time but at least I have pics this week, diba (means “right” in Tagalog)?

I just wanna say a short message on the Book of Mormon. In our Gospel Essentials class we heard a story, it goes somewhat like this: There once was a boss who had a secretary who always smoked. He had a serious addiction to cigarettes. The boss one day said Hey, If you wanna stop smoking cigs read this book, and handed her a Book of Mormon. After the first day the person said she read 200 pages and didn’t see anything on smoking. The boss said finish the book. The second time the secretary came back and said she had read another 200 pages and there still wasn’t anything to help her stop smoking. The boss again told her to return to her study of the book. The last time the lady came to the boss and said she had read the entire book and there was nothing specific to her struggle of smoking. The boss asked if she had smoked in the days she had read. The lady replied that she had felt a sense of strength that came from her reading of that book. A strength that helped her to break her addictions. 

I know the Book of Mormon is a true testament of a True People. If we have a problem or any type of struggle, we will find the answer within its pages, or within the spirit that we feel as we study the chapters. I invite all of us to read this book more seriously, regularly and more sincerely. I know it will help us in every part of our lives. I just wanna leave that short testimony to you in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

These pics are various shots from the camera of Elder Tabaua.

Different zone conferences

Inline image 1
This is Johnathon Aquino. I baptized him in my first area. He just got endowed/sealed in the Manila Temple!!

Elder Tabaua wearing my raincoat one time and me while I was still in Agoo leading a district meeting. 

Elder Smith finding the wheelcover that fell off when they went through a river going to the most remote lugar/place in the whole mission.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Hey!  We had a baptism last weekend!! There were actually 2 but one of the guys was an investigator of the other Missionaries.  I don’t have a picture yet, I'll ask for one in the next week. 

And I don’t have a lot to say from the week, besides the fact that I've decided to follow the council of The Apostles by memorizing the document known as THE LIVING CHRIST. As members, we were all challenged to read and memorize this document with a promise that we will more deeply feel the influence of the Savior in our lives.  So far I've got half of it memorized, but next week I should have it down. 

In my Personal Study this week, I read in I think Acts about the Apostles in the time of Jesus Christ. They were beaten, hungered, mocked, cast out and much more. They wrote that they did not tell of their struggles so we (the readers of the writ) would feel bad for them, or show that we are such good servants of God because they endured much tribulation. I really like the thought of Sustaining. Sustaining means you recognize someone as a representative who has authority from a higher power. If we sustain the Prophet and Christ, we sustain also his apostles. Seeing the suffering they went through inspires me. Not that I want to be beaten, mocked, stoned, or cast out, but I realize that my calling as an Elder of this church is so light. I can have a bad day when we don’t get a lesson and get mocked and feel downhearted, but compared to the Apostles of the olden Days, I have so much more to give, so much gas left in the tank, like that was probably a good day for the Apostles depending on where they were ministering. I know that the Bible is a True record, if it has confusing passages, research and pray to understand what it means. We will draw closer to what it means to be a disciple (yes we are ALL disciples) of Jesus Christ through the example set buy his original 12 Apostles. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

This week was pretty cool as usual. The big thing that happened this week was we did 2 service Projects. The second was clearing weeds/vines from the plot of a member, but the one that I have pictures of happened on Friday. The whole day was Crazy. I woke up at 430 to do insanity workout program with Elder Peua and Elder Tabaua who were about to leave for Abra to do a musical Presentation. They were gonna leave at 600 so we had to wake-up insanely early. We finished at 530, after I'd eaten Elder Jimenez woke up and told me we were gonna go help the Office Elders move houses; I was hoping I could take a little nap before studies! We went and helped move 1 bunk bed frame plus mattresses, electric fans, desks, suitcases, dishes, wardrobes and everything else that goes into an Elders’ apartment. It took 5 Jeepnee loads to get it all delivered. We helped from 730 until 3 with an hour lunch break (we also played Uno for a quick second). Upon arrival to our house we were very tempted to take a nap because I was exhausted, and Elder Jimenez's back was really bothering him, but he had some set appointments we had to go hit. All in all it was a really fun day because our schedule was different. The missionary lifestyle can get a little monotonous sometimes. 

Hope Everyone will have a good Halloween. 

Gotta go!! I'm all out of time

Bye Portland plus all my other peeps here in the Philippines :)

Elder Hennessey

My Haircut!

The First Jeepnee load (of 5) that we brought to the Office Elders new house.

Office Elders New House

One way that Philippinos make things last even if they’re broken/breaking. The grey metal around the edges of the truck bed have been welded in to cover places that were rusted out.

Monday, October 23, 2017

One thing that happened this week was we had another Musical Devotional, similar to the "Come Unto Christ" one we had while I was in Abra, but this one was about the “Restoration of the Gospel.” It had songs like "Quiet Grove," "Did You Think To Pray," "Josephs Smiths First Prayer" and "Praise to the Man". President Bangal sang with 4 sisters a tagalog rendition of "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief." He has a really nice voice, he could be a Professional, no joke. It was an amazing night and the spirit was most strong while we sang the classic melody of “Army of Helaman” and “As Sisters In Zion.” I wanna give a HUGE shout-out to Elder Tavita who organized it all, it was Amazing. We asked all of the members to invite a friend too so we could hopefully have some referrals for people to teach :) I'm just glad so many of the missionaries were willing to share their talents of singing in order to share the Gospel Message that the True Church and doctine and authority of Jesus Christ’s Primitive Church have been restored to the earth after a period of Apostasy, through the Boy Prophet Joseph Smith.

Two weeks ago I was laying in my Hammock that was attached to the metal bars on our windows. I flipped up-side-down because I was feeling bored and Elder Tabaua came and sat on me. I yelled for him to get off - that my Duyan was gonna break. He didn’t get off, but it didn’t break surprisingly... instead the metal grill on the window that the hammock was attached to got torn out of the wall hahaha! So we have to get the drill from the mission office and fix it. Once it’s fixed we’ll have a strict rule of one missionary at a time.

A man we are teaching right now, Brother E. is very close to being baptized. He is one of the best investigators I've ever taught. We just give him a pamphlet, then he reads it before the next time we come. He is very interested in the Temple, so we have him a pamphlet on preparing to enter the temple even if he’s not been baptized yet. His girlfriend is a member and she has been helping him and his interest to grow in the Gospel. We played basketball with him this morning and with President Bangal, they’re both really good :)

Sorry I don’t have any Pics. I was hopefully gonna send one of my New Super Short Haircut, but I forgot my cord. Next week nalang

This is a very inspirational and genuine talk by Elder Holand, an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. If any of you are feeling stressed, ESPECIALLY COLLEGE STUDENTS or NEW PARENTS, I invite you to read and apply it in your lives :)

Kelli told Tiegue of taking his Grandma’s dog to the vet for a tooth extraction, Tiegue’s response… That’s one of the things that shocked me the most. On my second day, in Manila, I was walking along the hot, hot, exhaust, clogged road and there was a dog coming towards us. My jaw dropped and I stopped walking, stunned because when it passed I saw on its back it had open sore/rashes. I quickly closed my mouth cuz dogs here are suuper Mabaho sometimes (bad smelling). It doesnt happen very often but every now and then there will be a dog who has open sores, sometimes even blood covered in flies on its back. Super pathetic (is that the right word? kawawa)

Kelli had made Tiegue’s grandma’s chowder recipe on Sunday and asked Tiegue if the Philipinos have anything like chowder, Tiegue’s response… Philipinos have a dish that’s just straight clams/snails/little conch shell type things. They cook ‘em all, use a needle to get the meat out, and eat it over rice. The closest thing would probably be sopas, basically milky chicken noodle soup.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Hey yall, 

Sorry I don’t have any Awesome stories of climbing mountain, baptizing a barangay, or drinking coconut juice right from the buko, our email servers were down earlier but we were allowed to email for 1 hour either tonight or tomorrow morning, and I was super busy responding to all of the emails. If you were one of those lucky recipients I will be hopefully reading the responses next week when I have more time.

Hope you all read your scriptures today! If you haven’t yet, there’s still time! Read the last 3 verses of the last chapter of the last book in the Book of Mormon. Some of my favorites :)

Be safe lagi :)

Monday, October 9, 2017

(Kelli was telling of the Blitz happening in Portland to see if the names on record match up with actual addresses)  That’s good. Member work is more important than missionary work, but a lot of times members get distracted/tired out from worldly responsibilities and forget that it’s their calling too. But anyways, that’s really good, hopefully they find success as they go. 

My new companion, Elder Jimenez is from Antipolo, part of Manilla. He is turning 28 on October 30, and is 3 months away from going home. He's really cool and I'm learning a lot from him. Also he does most of our cooking, and I do most of our dishwashing, but I am taking notes so I can cook once he’s gone. I already know how to cook a pretty nice Chicken Adobo, but even that gets old after a while. 

Our home is in the Rulloda Compound, and right around the corner is the church. Our area consists of Purok (Ward) 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7/sagayad/Relocation. Philipino cities are generally divided into Cities, then Barangays.  If the barangays are still very large then the area is separated into either Puroks or Zones. Then within those there are individual compounds. We are in the center of one of the biggest cities in Northern Luzon. 

We have been finding a lot lately, because Elder Jimenez decided not to go back to some of the investigators they had before. We are using one of the finding tools that President Bangal gave to us, a Survey about God and the Family. Instead of just handing out a pamphlet and leaving, we usually are allowed to do a short survey of 10 questions ranging from "Do you Pray, and do you feel God hears your Prayers?" to "Do you think that churches should provide good programs for families and youth?" This is much more effective because if we pray before the short survey it is counted as a fist lesson, we find their concerns/interest quickly, and then can give a pamphlet more catered to the before mentioned interest. It’s part of our effort to work smart and not just work a lot. 

Hope we were all able to watch Conference, I invite everyone to read or re-watch the Conference talks and find one thing that stands out to you. For me an overall message this conference was that we need to listen to the Prophet's words with exactness no matter how well we already are doing or what position we have in the church.

Have an awesome week y'all!!!

Pancake Monday, First Monday of every Transfer in Bangued Photo Creds @ElderFenn

Landscape from Bangued, my last area. 

 If you thought my zone was cool, check out the Temple ROC, Utah Salt Lake City Headquarters Mission. My Grandma is the one in the brown top halfway back on right. #SeniorsSchedule @Grandma Grosnick haha :)

Monday, October 2, 2017

This week I was transferred from the top of the mission boundaries, Bangued, Abra, to the mission’s center, San Fernando, La Union. I am currently assigned to the Sevilla ward as, and am a Zone leader for the San Fernando Zone. I am so surprised to be in what’s been called the most functioning unit in Baguio Mission. On Sunday we walked into the Chapel and I thought that it was general conference weekend; there were probably 150-175 people. Such a big change when compared with where I was coming from, the Beloved Bangued. 

For my Birthday last night I was pleasantly surprised that people remembered my birthday at church and wished me a good one, also a lot of my former companions and house/batch mates texted me (through proper line of authority) Happy Birthday including PRESIDENT ANDRADA :) To celebrate we ate dinner at Sister Patot's house and we ate pizza, chicken/jojos, and some fried spaghetti with ham(?). I don’t know exactly what it was but it was good. And since it was my birthday, I supplied the ice cream, rocky road, Sister Patot's favorite (which was bought the night before).

Me and Elder Jimenez have a lot of plans on how we are going to be exactly obedient and find like crazy so we don’t waste his last 12 weeks of the mission. 

Me and Elder Walsh, the trainer of my trainer, and also Assistant to the President, challenged me to an arm wrestling contest on week 5 of this transfer, his last week of the mission. We're best buds but now we’ve got a very good bit of friendly rivalry going. I’m currently doing the Insanity Program and working out so I can defend the United States once again from the likes of Britain. :) 

I'll try to make some notes so I can tell a funny story tor two next week, hopefully it’s just not another accidental wedding engagement. 

Elder Hennessey

Monday, September 25, 2017

One of our Investigators is a former Miss Gay Bangued. Which means that HE was in a pageant full of gay people out of the whole municipality of Bangued and he won. I will not say what year to protect his privacy but anyway he is listening to the messages. He has been living life as a girl since he was 2, so He really doesn’t know what it’s like to be a man. His Mom said she likes him better this way because girls get into less trouble than boys do. We wanted to invite him to come to church but we didn’t know if he would go to Elders Quorum with the men or Relief Society with the women. He really looks like a woman, I had a hard time not calling him "Sister" but he doesn’t wanna be called brother. 

ANYWAYS, In order to answer the question of what class he would attend, we taught him the Law of chastity, a law from God about marriage and family roles and Physical Purity. We told him that no matter what you feel, when God looks at you he sees a son, So he would have to attend with the men because if he went with the girls, we would be permitting him to live in his sin, telling him it is ok to go against God's plan for him. I was really nervous to teach the lesson but it went good. I thought we were gonna get kicked out of the house. I forgot to say that his FiancĂ© who is also a man was eating a steak right next to him, good thing he’s from Peru and doesnt speak any Tagalog. hahaha

Also I have been called as a Zone Leader in Sevilla, San Fernando. So tomorrow I need to go on a 4 hour bus ride to San Fernando. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 

Have a good time this week! Don’t forget to Pray and go to Church. 

Elder Hennessey


The Ambuyat Family Home Evening

Companionship Unity

Sister Brown who is going home tomorrow

Siobal Family Home Evening

A really cute baby (grandchild of Sister Siobal)!

Bangued Zone

Monday, September 18, 2017

Before I tell the story, here is a little language study:
Balik - Return
balikan - Return for something
babalikan - you are going to return for something/someone (often times referring to returning for someone in order to marry them.)

We have a new investigator who we have given the nickname Tatay Gro-ot. He is pure illokano and knows about as much Tagalog as I used to in Spanish, so not a whole lot. The first time we taught him (in iIlokano) a lightning storm hit our area 5 minutes before the end of the lesson. By the time we had said the closing prayer we were in the middle of high winds, heavy rain, and lightning every 10 seconds. Tatay told us “There’s kimat (lighting) and the sound that follows is Groot (thunder).”  When he said thunder he shook his body and raised his voice and it was really funny. So the second time we went back to him we have a running joke now where we ask him "Tay, pag nalipas ti Kimat, adda ti..." (tay, after there is lightning, there is...) then he says "GROOT" and we all laugh. He’s 74 by the way. 
His 14 year old granddaughter and her best friend also 14 came up to the house where we were visiting with him. The best friend Angel started asking me about America, at the same time that Tatay was talking to Elder Vilela. Angle asked 
"nageesnow ba sa inyo?" Does it snow where you’re from?
"Oo" Yes, I replied.
I didnt know that when she asked me the snow question, tatay also asked me:
"Agsubli ka para kanyana?" will you babalikan her? To which he heard my reply of:
"oo" Yes.
Elder Vilela turned to me and asked me if I was serious, "Are you going to balikan her?" I was shocked and confused and worried, I said "what? no, What?" looking back and forth from Angel my future spouse, Tatay my future grandpa in law, and finally resting on Elder Vilela in a desperate plea for help.
Elder Vilela kind of cleared things up with a joke. "You see tay, he can’t, he already as a wife, 2 actually" then we all laughed and moved on. 

Hope you got a laugh out of it. My house mates sure did when I told them. Have a great week.

Elder Hennessey

Monday, September 11, 2017


Yo Yo Yo We got a new puppy WHAAAAAt!   This is my new puppy in America!
Please vote on a name:







A Golden Doodle (golden retriever/poodle)
This is yet another week of pics. Enjoy.

Companion exchanges with Elder Lloyd, the first time I've ridden bikes as a missionary. We went across Calaba bridge which is a super long
bridge with a suuuper pretty view.

Another picture from our exchanges, this is someone’s house with an amazing background. I love how there are sceneries here that are similar to computer backgrounds, they’re actually real places pala.

A CSP from last Monday. We were mixing cement to be poured into the back end of the room so they have a raised sleeping area to put their raised bamboo platform on that they sleep on. On the wall are 2 pictures of Jesus and the certificate of marriage from the Temple. That is the only decoration in the whole room. #Priorities

A birthday party we went to. We had spaghetti with soup instead of sauce which was really good, and fried Grape and sweet potato leaves, also maserap. We had blue Mountain dew (I think that’s what it was) in Coke Bottles: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

I don’t have much to say about this week but earlier today we went to a wag-waggan (2nd hand clothes store, where most of the clothes are shipped from China in big assorted bags).  Me and Elder Vilela both bought 4 ties. We talked them down from the original price to 4 for 100 pesos. 4 ties for 2 bucks :) I normally wouldn’t have bought any because I already have ties but I would like some so I have an easier time giving them away when I leave the area as SRs, or Special Remembrances.

Hope ya’ll are havin a  great week. Miss ya. Be good, go to church.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

This week we had what is called a Mission Tour. One of the Elders from the quorum of the 70 (one step below the quorum of the 12 Apostles), Elder Schmutz, came to our mission and had a seminar with 1/3 of the missionaries at a time. We learned a lot of really good things, and were able to feel the spirit a lot while he was with us. One of the best things that I heard him tell us, that as missionaries, we represent Jesus Christ in our areas. And as his representatives, we have the right and the authority to extend to our investigators any and all blessings that are found in the scriptures as well as any that we feel inspired by the Holy Spirit to extend to them. I think it will help to be more bold and powerful in the lessons we teach. I hope that people will be able to recognize the truth we tell to them and actually act on their faith and follow the commandments.

On Saturday and Sunday we had District Conference. So all of the Members of the District, which includes 6 different groups of members, all met in Bangued to listen to speakers.  5 out of the 6 speakers' topics were on Tithing... Which is a super important commandment that we really need to follow. Tithing is the Lord’s law of finances, where we promise to give 10% of all our income to the church for the purposes of caring for the needy and building the kingdom of God on Earth. President Andrada (the man with a blue tie in the pictures) said "it doesn’t take money to pay tithing, it takes faith". Which is very true. He also said, if you want to be right in this life, pay tithing, not meaning that we will become missionaries, but that we have been promised that God will open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that we will not have room enough to receive it. (Malachi 3:8-10)
"What’s bigger? A door or a window? *a door* Yeah but there’s more windows" -President Bangal hahaha, love that guy.

My companion doesn’t yet have his patriarchal blessing so we are going to make an appointment to go to BAGUIO CITY for him to receive it. If you have any questions on a Patriarchal Blessing, ask my mom, she would love to explain it.

Have a great week!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2017

This is after a service project, where we carried buckets of sand and large rocks to build a retaining wall where they will eventually build a small house. Elder Vilela started stacking rocks on this sleeping puppy, but then the kids took over and started covering him. kawawa (poor thing) But he woke up and stretched when it got too heavy - don’t worry. 

Last Pday after Email we had some free time so Elder Lloyd showed us a minimart that has a pool room you can rent for 125 pesos ($2.45 USD) an hour per person. I didn’t know where we were going at first but we went behind the counter, through a small hallway, through another door and opened up into a cellar of a pool room, but it was cool enough for us. We played for a good hour, next time we will probably stay longer. It was funny how back room it was. Never would I ever expect there to be Billiards (as it is always called here) in the back room. 

Lastly, this is my companion Elder Vilela at a calenderia (outside eating place) and I finally decided to try the thing that’s in my hand. “What is that?" you might ask, It’s grilled chicken heads. They were good, a little bit bony but I would eat it again. Only 10 pesos for 3 (20 cents).

We are teaching a family of 5. The Father and the daughter are the ones we are teaching but we will try to have a FHE there to get his 2 other younger boys to join the lessons and gain interest too. The father is really cool, really funny. He believes everything we teach him, is living the word of wisdom, but his problem is he won’t come to church, and wants to wait for his wife to come back from working abroad so they can be all baptized together. We told him that he should take the opportunity now because he will be able to help his family more through his example. He is getting really close we can feel it, we just need him to come to church instead of driving people around in his Tricikel. I'll try to get a picture with them next week, he is a roly poly kind of a man, haha He’s awesome. 

Thank you to the people who emailed me this week, you know who you are. The missionaries in the field are soo appreciative of letters, emails, or any pictures you think to send. If you have any questions about what I’m experiencing, I’ll try to answer as best I can. 

Have a great week Y'all

Elder Hennessey

This is Sister Brown and Sister Manu. As her first District Leader, I  am Sister Manu's mission dad, and as her first “stl”, Sister Brown is her mission mom, meaning that we are a couple and this is our kid, which makes my facial expression pretty funny in this pic.