This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

This week was cool. The highlight was definitely the "Come Unto Christ" Musical Devotional. We sang a variety of songs combined with some of the missionaries from the Mission Centre San Fernando, We invited everyone from 5 different municipalities to come to our small church building to listen. It went Great, besides the fact that I was asked to give a small solo from “His Image in Your Countenance." I was super nervous but it was over before too long. One of the concerns of our investigators who didn’t come was that it might rain and on the way home it would be all wet. They were right. It did rain, and it Rained HArd. We were in the 2nd to last song when it started, but we knew it was coming from the wind and darkening clouds. It was awesome though because even if there was monsoon level rains and thunder every 30 seconds, there was still a very strong spirit with the group of Saints listening to and singing songs about the life of Jesus Christ. It was a very cool experience and very worthwhile. 

Last Monday we went to eat pizza at a pizza shop owned by a white guy and a Philippino woman who is from England and so she only speaks English with a very thick accent. While we were eating I wanted to add Barbeque sauce to my BBQ chicken pizza but the cap was very tightly shut. I struggled for a second before it popped off with a splatter of BBQ sauce that got all over me and the table. I was feeling pretty scrubby but we cleaned up a little and then went shopping afterwards. Elder Pitt had me clean his tie which I was happy to do since it was a very unfortunate accident. 

We went to the municipality (province) of Bukay 40 minutes away to interview some baptismal candidates for some other Elders. A trike costs 150 pesos ($3 USD) going one way, that’s super expensive, but the drive is really far and a lot of uphill. We finally got there, walked for an hour to the people’s house, interviewed, walked to another place, and interviewed a boy who had just turned 8 years old. We then stayed for his birthday dinner which was Maserap! Before we left though, we said that we were gonna go to the waiting area to get a tricycle (a motorcycle with a sidecar, so 3 wheels) going home. The father laughed as he said there were no more tricycle running at that time, and we would have to sleep in Bukay for the night. After 25 minutes of hunting and waiting we finally found a Member willing to drive us back to Bangued. It was 7:30 and dark by now and raining pretty good. But he told us if he were to drive us it would cost the price of 2 trips, because he would have to come back afterwards... Kind of reluctantly we got in, 10 minutes into the drive, we were at a curve in the road and the headlight went black. The breaks screeched to a stop and he got them working again. I had actually been praying for safety on the wet downhill roads when it happened, so I was terrified when I opened my eyes to pitch black and brakes squealing. We finished the 30 minutes, and handed over another 300 pesos. We hoped he would lower it at least 50, or maybe even to 200, but we weren’t going to fight a member on the price after he rescued us from being stranded in a mountainous province. 

Have a good week

Elder Hennessey


We had just started to walk down a really long road to our area when a rainstorm started to pass overhead, so instead of getting soaked to the bone right at the start of the day, we hid out there for maybe 10-15 minutes. "at nandoon and area namin - And our area is far that way"

My old Companion Elder Bagnall. He just got out of the Hospital where he had kidney failure, basically 50/50 chance of dying but he pulled through. We knew it was serious but not to what level when our Mission President texted everyone and told us to say a prayer for him and anyone else who has a sickness at 9:30. Since he was my companion just 3 months before I got pretty worried. Buhay Pa! Still Alive!

All of the missionaries that participated in our "Come unto Christ" Music Devotional with Mission President and his wife in the center. 

My Church Building. 

My Branch president’s daughter about to touch a giant spider holding a cookie...jokes that’s the cookie is its egg sack. Look at the Bic pen for scale.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Hey hey hey, I finally made it to my 3rd area in the mission; Bangued Abra. It’s awesome here. But first I wanna say how my 4th of July was. I started it at midnight by drinking tea with Elder Walsh, a Brit from Manchester, then after hopping on a bus for 3.5 hours I got to my new area, where I sang The Star Spangled Banner with 3 other Americanos before going to sleep :) It was a day to be remembered.

My new house is awesome, super big and new, which means it hasn’t had enough missionaries pass through it to become dirty. I love Philippinos but there is a little culture barrier where conversation topics don’t come up all the time.  But with 4 Americanos we almost never have a quiet moment in the house, and there’s the perfect amount of space for us to do whatever we want. 2 nights ago we practiced our cricket bowls in the living room since Elder Jenson lived in New Zealand until he was 6, so basically he’s American but he can still get a sweet accent if he wants.

On Wednesday we were trying to find new people to teach so we took a trip up into the mountain. We saw a big gazebo, and went over to check it out. We looked over the back and saw what we originally thought were terra-cotta statues. Upon further inspections they were... statues of biblical stories maybe (?) there was a lot of Jesus’s and roman soldiers and people praying. It creeped me out and reminded me of Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. 

The area of Bangued is awesome. All of the missionaries that come here think its gonna be a tiny place that’s super 3rd world country...and it is but there are also some beautiful arkitexture here. I'd say it’s bigger than Bacnotan, and definitely hotter. There’s a lot of boarding houses which is something I’ve never noticed in my other areas. We teach people in 3 different boarding houses which is nice because we can go to one place and teach 2 or 3 separate lessons. 

I'll try to get some videos sent to you, I’ve got a lot but the Internet cafe I'm in right now said it’s not allowed to watch YouTube or upload video files because it will take up too much gigs. Since they’re not on an unlimited plan, it’s like 50 gigs or something. 

Love you all!

Don’t forget to invite the missionaries over to your homes, They're too shy to ask for it but they'll bring the spirit into your home. Worth it. 

What it looks like when 2 missionaries are packing to leave an area.

Our district breakfast, morning of Transfer day, at the beach. We ate mashed potatoes, hotdogs and rice, plus water. (I just have a butcher knife on my plate haha)

My new housemates: Elder Jenson, Elder Pitt, Me, Elder Campbell. Each pizza was 155 pesos ($3.05 USD) and we got a “Buy 4 get 1 free” deal.


My new Zone.

Monday, July 3, 2017

This week was the most productive out of any week of my entire mission. We had 43 investigator discussions, and met 33 new investigators. The finding we did last week really paid off. This area is set up really well for the next missionary because I'M TRANSFERRING! I will finally be going to my 3rd area. Bangued Branch 2. I have heard amazing things about this place and even if it is way far away it is a growing area. I will be very sad to leave Bacnotan really, the people and the work and the ward and area are amazing, but I am excited to go to my third area where I will kill Elder Campbell (I'll be his last companion before he goes home).

I love and hate packing. It’s good to throw things away but it’s hard because I get bogged down with reading old Letters people have sent to me and old pictures I've been given or printed. Please write your Elders. Email is good, but Letters are 100% to make their week, and you'll probably even get a response which will be written during our language study time (chAr haha).

I hope everyone will have an amazing Fourth of July, in Celebration of the Glorious Country of America. For my Fourth of July, I will wake up singing our National anthem for Elder Walsh, who is from England, Great Britain. We have a good time arguing about whose country is better, it’s all in good fun; He's even admitted he likes America and would love to visit after the mission. 

Be safe! Blow something up for me :) Or surprise attack someone in Silly String :)

Elder Hennessey

Conrado and his family after they fed us spaghetti lunch. 

Abenohar Family

Bawal magmotor "Not allowed to not Ride motorcycles"

A crab Elder Dosdos found in a puddle as we walked back from Abenohar Family. Elder Bulseco ate it and his mouth went numb. We don’t know if he’s allergic or it was affected by Acid Rain.

Abenohar's Family Rules

Bishop Baro and His family, and Elder Walsh, my Lolo (grandpa, or trainer of my trainer) in the mission.

Elder Dosdos my Companion Getting a Vaccine, we all got them. The Elder giving them is Elder Thomas, who was a Medic in the Army and served 3 years active duty before coming on his mission.

Monday, June 26, 2017

We went to the beach and played volleyball with other missionaries and the youth of Bacnotan Branch. They do have youth and YSA (Young Single Adult) programs depending on how strong the age group is. We have sports night every Saturday at 4. And there is seminary class from 5-6:30 pm, Tuesday-Friday. In Bacnotan we are very lucky to have a really strong YSA and Youth groups. This is one reason why it’ll be hard to leave Bacnotan next week when I Transfer on July 4th. 

This is Shari, an investigator, 16, in love with K-Pop, and has an AMAZING singing voice. We had an FHE (Family Home Evening) at her eatery outside of her house. She wants to be baptized but has to wait until she is 18 because her grandparents don’t approve. She is stronger (more active) than probably half of the youth who ARE members.

Some of the Nanays (moms) from Bacnotan ward, they love to feed missionaries and are super nice. (But they were a little awkwardly close in the photo if you can tell haha)

Pics from our Ward Family Home Evening. We did minute to win it style games, teams of 10. 

Some awesome things that happened in this awesome place was I finally saw fireflies!  I've never seen fireflies and so when I saw them a couple of night ago, I thought my vision was impaired. But I realized that I wasn’t seeing things, or rather, that the things that I was seeing were fireflies :) They were super cool and I took some time to catch them. It’s pretty hard since there’s only light for about a half second then it goes dark again. Probably easier if you brought your own torch with you. 

We went finding last week. This means we devoted large amounts of hours to just knocking or calling out “Apu” or “Tao Po" to houses. We tracked through 3 barangays, maybe close to 100 houses, plus anyone we saw on the streets. We have yet to go back and see if there will be any return appointments. But hopefully the next missionaries here will have lots of investigators here to work with.

This is a Picture of the Galera Family. Brother was baptized as a young kid and then went inactive for a long time. Me and Elder Salingay were able to find them. We were only able to teach them 2 times though. Elder Unice (my companion from the MTC) was my replacement in Agoo and they continued to teach the family and this is the result! Even if I wasn't there to see the baptisms I am honored to have had a part in their conversion and their acceptance of the Gospel.

Elder Hennessey says “Elder Rennaker is still rockin the Beanies 2 continents away. Email him!!"

This next one is a video of a goat with deformed front legs "walking on 2 legs". Some people might not want to watch.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

From this week there are 2 big things that happened. One changed my life, and the other changed the lives of 2 others. First, Conrado and Eugene are now baptized and confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And Their Muslim mamma came to church yesterday, which was a miracle in itself. 

The other news is that I now have a really bad allergy to Pork. I don’t know exactly all the limitations but Monday night we had a Bonfire and Elder Dosdos BBQ'd a lot of pork Tapa and we ate  a ton. Then at about 3 in the morning of Tuesday I woke up thinking I was being eaten alive by bugs. I was SOOO itchy, and I could feel bumps all over my skin. I thought I'd finally grabbed one of the bugs, and went to the bathroom to see it under a light when I saw my chest and back was covered in a Big raised rash, Elder Centeno said it looked like I had a textured red map of the world on my body. At first I thought I had leprosy, but I just covered it in Gold Bond Extra Strength Cooling Powder and in the morning it was mostly gone, but moved to my legs. Then Tuesday night I ate 3 pork shish kabobs for dinner with rice and within 5 minutes I was having a raised rash again appear on my legs, although not as bad this time. It was awful. I don’t know if it extends to beef, but as for the time being I just take a bunch of pills before I eat it and if it happens anyways...well let’s say Pork is worth the Rash covering my body :)

That’s all, Hope you aren’t suddenly allergic to one of your favorite foods. 

Elder Hennessey

Monday, June 12, 2017

We had a District baptism this week! That means everyone in the District had an investigator be baptized. It was such an awesome day to see Conrado and Eugene be baptized, and then testify about their conversion and all of the wonderful blessings they’ve noticed in their lives as they have started to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have many investigators but only a few actually have the faith to try all of our invitations to them: to read, pray and come to church. I wish I could give it to them as simple as a math problem: Church + reading the scriptures + prayer + eternal happiness, and all the blessings we could need in this life and the life to come. Now we have started to teach them about the Plan of Salvation, about where we all came from before being born, what our purpose is here and how we will all be able to be joined with our families again in the Spirit world and eventually Heaven. 

I was shocked a little bit because we usually speak tagalog at the church mixed with a little bit of English, but when Conrado and Eugene went up to bear their testimonies they did it in Pure English! Eugene went first then Tatay and we always feel soo good to hear how we have been able to share the blessings with their family, even if right now it’s just the two of them. The older sister Kimberly said she felt the spirit very strongly at the baptism and is starting again to seriously investigate the church through taking the missionary discussions. I will probably leave the area before the time she is baptized. 

In the lot next to us there is a house being built.  They had just finished digging the foundations on Wednesday when I noticed one of them through the window grab a live chicken. I thought it was pretty normal and that he was gonna cook lunch, I saw him cut the neck, then go over to the side of the trenches and shake the blood in the bushes, Pretty normal right? So as to not get blood everywhere. But then he went around to all of the trenches and shook blood everywhere. I asked Elder Centeno why he did that and he sad to kind of "bless" it, to make it strong and long lasting. He also said that sometimes they will even put chicken's blood on (not in) new cars to "bless" it. This was a very strange cultural kind of ceremony, but it was neat to learn about. 

I was reading from the Liahona in my room. I was using my flashlight to read because there had been a brown-out (they don’t call it black-out here, funny Filipinos) when Elder Dosdos comes to the doorway and goes "psst, pssst!" to get my attention. I say what he says "did you hear that? I just heard a girl cry/ moan coming from the Zone leaders room" I hopped up out of bed grabbing my flashlight and got all tensed up. Elder Dosdos must be more intune with this stuff, or have better hearing than me, but I didn’t hear anything. And I probably only got chills because he spooked me. The next morning he told me "I wasnt joking about the girl crying last night, I know what I heard." I replied "I know you’re serious, I didn’t hear anything but I believe you, but I’m not gonna get too spooked as long as I'm not the one who it appears to haha" I have to chuckle because I don’t know if there was anything or not, but I've learned to trust my pinoy companions on stuff like that. Better to be safe than sorry. 

Love you all!!! Hope you are still feeding the missionaries. If you haven’t yet, it’s ok, I bet they'll be hungry again very soon.

Elder Hennessey


"Wacky" picture Kimberly, Me, Conrado, Eugene Elder Dosdos and Nanay Amy E.

Holding the chicken that Conrado's family gave to us last week. 

All of us in white at the baptism. Plus Bishop Baro

The biggest Mango I've ever seen, this one was at least 2 times as big as normal mangos, and a little more sour, but still maserap!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

This week we had the interviews of Brother Conrad E. and his son Eugene. They both passed! So next week, Bacnotan ward will be having 2, maybe 3, baptisms depending on one of the investigators of my kabahay (my house mates). 

Last Monday, after P-day (personal day) we were about to get ready to go to work, when a storm passed right over our house. The winds were insane and it was dumping rain. We didn’t go out for fear of having a tree fall on us, or having lightning strike our umbrellas. Even after the storm passed we still got Thunder and lightning for a long time, it was the loudest thunder I've ever heard! It was so big that sometimes the thunder would make our house rumble, and you know the lightning is close when there's only a split-second between the lighting and thunder. 

We decided to sleep in the main room of our house, instead of our bedroom for 2 reasons: 1, because we didn’t have electricity for our electric fans, and the only air we would get would be coming in from the open door to our balcony and 2, because the night before Elder Dosdos saw something standing in our doorway watching us as we slept. He said it was about 4 feet tall, so it couldn't have been me or Elder Centeno, and that he kept checking again and again to see if it was still there. He said he saw it for 5 minutes, just standing and watching... so we sleep in the other room now. It’s more fun, more airy, and there’s safety in numbers.

In some of the houses, in less populated areas or older homes, the elders sleep with their name tags on their shirts to protect themselves from any visiting spirits. Sister Denis said we probably saw it because there is a cemetery within 60 yards of our house. Here in the Philippines, ghost stories are not just for fun to scare people, they’re real. 1/3 of the Hosts of Heaven were cast down to earth, and while they don’t have bodies, they serve their master, who wants all of us to become miserable just like they are. In order to keep our house safe we put up lots of pictures of Jesus Christ on the walls, and we always play hymns from the speaker to keep good vibes. Since last Sunday, Elder Dosdos, or the rest of us, have not seen any more visitors in our home.  

On a happier note we're in Mango season here in the Philippines. That means no matter what area I’m in, I can find ripe mangos for free. In the market they're 60 pesos a kilo ($.55 per pound), which is way better than last month’s 110 per kilo.  But I've learned that even if they're green on the outside, you can just bite right into them eat the inside and spit out the skin. I realized also that next year right before I come home I'll get one more Mango season!! The blessings really are true if you serve the Lord haha ;)

Hope you are having a good time, and hopefully there are no problems with ghosts where you're at.

Elder Hennessey

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This week was one of the longest weeks so far.  I don’t even know why because it was a fun/ productive week, but it feels like forever since I've emailed. But I do have some cool little stories and 1 big news.

We were walking through a sandy part of our area after teaching some lessons and 4 guys came towards us, 3 of them had knives. They stopped before we got to them under a Mango tree where we all rested for a little bit (they weren’t gonna stab us or anything haha). They started looking around for rocks or broken pieces of cinder blocks to throw up into the mango tree to knock down the ripe mangoes. We soon joined them. Imagine that, 4 people in sandals and tank tops then 2 guys in white shirts and ties all hucking stones into the upper reaches of a huge punong manga. We figured that we could either spend 20 pesos a piece on soda and some chips or peanuts, or take the same amount of time and have some fun at the same time. I bet that never happened in any American mission field.

Later we sat down with a member outside with a bunch of other ladies who were paying one girl to do their toenails. Nanay Esperon was teaching me inappropriate Ilokano (old language of Philippines) haha when a lady joined us and shrieked as she sat down next to me. "She’s insane" said nanay Esperon to me. I thought to myself “Thanks for letting me know, but won’t she get mad for you calling her insane right to her face??"  When we were all done, I went to shake everyone’s hands as usual, and out of politeness, I offered my hand to this ”insane" lady. As she grabbed it, she growled, put her war face on, bringing her other arm back and winding up to swing on me as she pulled me in. I got away super fast and put about 5 yards in between us right away cuz I was genuinely freaked out. After that we continued as normal.

Lastly we were teaching Brother Conrado and Eugene (who both have dates set for their baptisms on June 10!)  when his wife speaks to Elder Dosdos in Bisaya (the Cebuano language). I only understand that they’re talking about a big delicious chicken.  Later Eugene climbs in to a nearby tree and grabs the before discussed "big delicious chicken" and tatay Conrado ties his feet and wings and hands him to Elder Dosdos. They literally just gave us a live Chicken!!! We brought it home in a Jeepnee just like it was a perfectly normal thing to do. The next day we ate him for lunch. MASERAP! 

And lastly there is a possibility of me being transferred to a different mission in another country because ISIS has entered the Philippines. Mostly they are in Mindanao but have also entered Luzon. I don’t know a lot of details because we don’t watch the news but my companion and 1 other elder in my house are from Mindanao. It is a very serious and scary thing because we don’t know how bad it is, or what even is happening exactly. We do know that Martial Law has been declared so basically that’s like war combat? Sorry I don’t know specifics, but just the fact that it’s so close is unnerving. We have been told not to go to the mall in the nearby city as it would be a possible bombing target if ISIS were to come this far north. Sooo please keep the people of Mindanao and the Philippines in mind and in your prayers that their families will not be separated or harmed. 

Thank you all!!! Have a great week :)

Elder Hennessey


Baptismal clothes

"I didn’t do anything wrong, he just got the best of me" Our chicken

Jesus Rocks

Our zone jerseys, cost 300 pesos apiece. (The tan lines are real.)

An archway from Bahay na Bato - House of Rocks

Our new goat friends

Monday, May 22, 2017

This week was alright. We taught a total of 9 lessons this week which is pretty low, usually we hit about 16-22. This is because for one day I was sick with the fever, and didn’t go to work, but other than that we are re-evaluating our investigator pool. We went to a lot of houses, got told basically "not today" so we went finding. We met so many new people and out of the probably 30 houses that we went to, probably 3 or four will become investigators. But that’s just missionary work. You go out, work a long time, fulfill your duty, and on some days meet minimal success, but when you finally get invited in, the change that we are able to see in people’s lives is priceless. We share messages about Jesus Christ, but we really help people learn how to make their lives more complete and to find out what they are missing. No matter what our situation or position is in life we can always become happier and our burdens will be lifted if we learn of and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

This last week we got the first taste of Tag-ulan, or rainy season, or monsoon season. Saturday night it rained lightly and we enjoyed a lot of thunder storms. Sunday it rained lightly on the way to church at 9 am, at noon it was super hot and humid, then at 3 it down poured for about 3 hours, then rained steadily for the rest of the night. At 3:30 I was admiring the rain from inside the safe dryness of the church building, It was so beautiful to me because it rains a lot in Portland, it was cooler, and because the jungle scenery outside of the church came alive and just seemed more like the true rainforests I’ve always heard of in the Amazon or someplace. We went out at 4 o’clock to work in our area so this means we got caught in the first Acid-rain downpour of the season. This is where I give a big shout out to Annee Magee for her gift of an umbrella. I used it and it kept my top half dry, but my pants and feet got soaked through and through from walking through puddles. It was a fun day though. We found 5 new investigators which is quite a bit because they felt bad for us to be out in the rain, but I’d say at least one of them, God-Frey actually has some good potential. 

Later today I'm going to get my Philippines Drivers license, so wish me luck :)

Have fun everyone!!

Elder Hennessey

Monday, May 15, 2017

Saturday we went with the youth to Tangadan Falls. We hiked probably an hour up, halfway was through rice fields, then the other half was jungle trails leading up to a waterfall, but the whole way I carried a 5 gallon dispenser type jug of water. It had a tiny leak so while I was walking it would drip onto my back, making it looked like I was soaked in sweat, which by the time we got to the top was true. We paid entrance fee of 30 pesos, then rented a bamboo hut to eat lunch 500 pesos, then everyone went swimming!!! Everyone BUT the missionaries that is. As missionaries, swimming is prohibited because too many times in the past there have been accidents or even deaths because of swimming. But if you ask the missionaries they'll tell you "it’s because Satan owns the water". (For more enlightenment please read Section 61 of the Doctrine and Covenants) We just sat on the edge and took some pictures while all of the youth said "Come on in, the waters great!" Even our Returned Missionary of a Young Mens leader said "Come on, I won’t tell, your Mission President is not here". But we resigned to just dipping our feet into the water. When/if I am able to come back to the Philippines, I will make up for the 2 years without.

After the hike, there was a Baptism, and that’s when it hit me, The Aching in my shoulders was too much to bear. I couldn’t even sit up straight (But it is super important to practice good posture, for more enlightenment ask Greta Hennessey). And after the baptism we ran to our closest area for a lesson with Conrado E. His lessons are amazing, we go maybe 4 times a week to him, His testimony of the Book of Mormon is super strong, he says he is willing and wants to follow any commandment because it comes from God. He even related a story to us about when he was double-crossed, and really was ready to kill this guy, but the only thing that stopped him was knowing that it was in the commandments "Thou shalt not kill". He is ready to give up his coffee in order to obey the Word of Wisdom, a law of good health for members of the church. He has come to church every week since we started teaching him and wants his family to join him.

Sunday I knew I was sick as soon as I woke up, it’s a bad sign when your body feels like it’s 50 degrees when you know that’s impossible in Hot season. I took some medicine and continued to church because we had a musical presentation for Mother’s Day. By the time we got there, my shirt was drenched with sweat. After church everyone was saying "it’s like something not right, are you okay?" When I say I have a fever but I’m fine, they joke that I miss my girlfriend or my Mom, and I just laugh because it’s easier than correcting them. It’s only when I shake their hand to go home that they get actually alarmed because my body is burning up, and afterwards I went home and slept trying to recover a little bit for my Skype call on American Mother’s Day. 

It’s always weird to me that I'm living 14 hours in the future. But no matter what time, day or place, hopefully we can take a second and think of all the wonderful things that our mothers have done for us. Again, Happy Mother’s Day to all!!

Have a good week, 

Elder Hennessey

This is a picture of the Galera Family. Brother was baptized as a young kid, and then went inactive for a long time. Me and Elder Salingay were able to find them, We were only able to teach them 2 times though. Elder Unice (my companion from the MTC on far left) was my replacement in Agoo and they continued to teach the family and this is the result! Even if I wasn't there to see the baptisms I am honored to have had a part in their conversion and their acceptance of the Gospel.

Monday, May 8, 2017

This week, in our ward here in Bacnotan, we had two RMs (return missionaries) come home. They entered the MTC (mission training center) on the same day and also came home on the same day and are still very happy to go house to house sharing messages. Brother Dale R. is super cool and shows me all kinds of games for Family Home Evenings and coin tricks to impress the little kids. I'm still really bad but that’s what Personal Study is for, right? Practicing magic tricks :) The missionaries in Portland will be extremely lucky to have 3 RMs coming home within the space of 1 month. I’m also excited to work side by side with Elder Rennaker so I can learn from him and Tanner, and learn of all the experiences they’ve had.

If there are any young men or women that are thinking of serving mission, going out with the missionaries for 1 appointment a week, or a whole day will be suuuper beneficial to your preparation.  And when you get out into the mission, you will not have as big of a shock to missionary life. 

Sorry it’s a little short, just know I'm alive and happy and next week is Mother’s Day so HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! Love ya lots, take care, chow!

Elder Hennessey

This may be from the birthday party he mentioned last week.