This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Before I tell the story, here is a little language study:
Balik - Return
balikan - Return for something
babalikan - you are going to return for something/someone (often times referring to returning for someone in order to marry them.)

We have a new investigator who we have given the nickname Tatay Gro-ot. He is pure illokano and knows about as much Tagalog as I used to in Spanish, so not a whole lot. The first time we taught him (in iIlokano) a lightning storm hit our area 5 minutes before the end of the lesson. By the time we had said the closing prayer we were in the middle of high winds, heavy rain, and lightning every 10 seconds. Tatay told us “There’s kimat (lighting) and the sound that follows is Groot (thunder).”  When he said thunder he shook his body and raised his voice and it was really funny. So the second time we went back to him we have a running joke now where we ask him "Tay, pag nalipas ti Kimat, adda ti..." (tay, after there is lightning, there is...) then he says "GROOT" and we all laugh. He’s 74 by the way. 
His 14 year old granddaughter and her best friend also 14 came up to the house where we were visiting with him. The best friend Angel started asking me about America, at the same time that Tatay was talking to Elder Vilela. Angle asked 
"nageesnow ba sa inyo?" Does it snow where you’re from?
"Oo" Yes, I replied.
I didnt know that when she asked me the snow question, tatay also asked me:
"Agsubli ka para kanyana?" will you babalikan her? To which he heard my reply of:
"oo" Yes.
Elder Vilela turned to me and asked me if I was serious, "Are you going to balikan her?" I was shocked and confused and worried, I said "what? no, What?" looking back and forth from Angel my future spouse, Tatay my future grandpa in law, and finally resting on Elder Vilela in a desperate plea for help.
Elder Vilela kind of cleared things up with a joke. "You see tay, he can’t, he already as a wife, 2 actually" then we all laughed and moved on. 

Hope you got a laugh out of it. My house mates sure did when I told them. Have a great week.

Elder Hennessey

Monday, September 11, 2017


Yo Yo Yo We got a new puppy WHAAAAAt!   This is my new puppy in America!
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A Golden Doodle (golden retriever/poodle)
This is yet another week of pics. Enjoy.

Companion exchanges with Elder Lloyd, the first time I've ridden bikes as a missionary. We went across Calaba bridge which is a super long
bridge with a suuuper pretty view.

Another picture from our exchanges, this is someone’s house with an amazing background. I love how there are sceneries here that are similar to computer backgrounds, they’re actually real places pala.

A CSP from last Monday. We were mixing cement to be poured into the back end of the room so they have a raised sleeping area to put their raised bamboo platform on that they sleep on. On the wall are 2 pictures of Jesus and the certificate of marriage from the Temple. That is the only decoration in the whole room. #Priorities

A birthday party we went to. We had spaghetti with soup instead of sauce which was really good, and fried Grape and sweet potato leaves, also maserap. We had blue Mountain dew (I think that’s what it was) in Coke Bottles: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

I don’t have much to say about this week but earlier today we went to a wag-waggan (2nd hand clothes store, where most of the clothes are shipped from China in big assorted bags).  Me and Elder Vilela both bought 4 ties. We talked them down from the original price to 4 for 100 pesos. 4 ties for 2 bucks :) I normally wouldn’t have bought any because I already have ties but I would like some so I have an easier time giving them away when I leave the area as SRs, or Special Remembrances.

Hope ya’ll are havin a  great week. Miss ya. Be good, go to church.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

This week we had what is called a Mission Tour. One of the Elders from the quorum of the 70 (one step below the quorum of the 12 Apostles), Elder Schmutz, came to our mission and had a seminar with 1/3 of the missionaries at a time. We learned a lot of really good things, and were able to feel the spirit a lot while he was with us. One of the best things that I heard him tell us, that as missionaries, we represent Jesus Christ in our areas. And as his representatives, we have the right and the authority to extend to our investigators any and all blessings that are found in the scriptures as well as any that we feel inspired by the Holy Spirit to extend to them. I think it will help to be more bold and powerful in the lessons we teach. I hope that people will be able to recognize the truth we tell to them and actually act on their faith and follow the commandments.

On Saturday and Sunday we had District Conference. So all of the Members of the District, which includes 6 different groups of members, all met in Bangued to listen to speakers.  5 out of the 6 speakers' topics were on Tithing... Which is a super important commandment that we really need to follow. Tithing is the Lord’s law of finances, where we promise to give 10% of all our income to the church for the purposes of caring for the needy and building the kingdom of God on Earth. President Andrada (the man with a blue tie in the pictures) said "it doesn’t take money to pay tithing, it takes faith". Which is very true. He also said, if you want to be right in this life, pay tithing, not meaning that we will become missionaries, but that we have been promised that God will open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that we will not have room enough to receive it. (Malachi 3:8-10)
"What’s bigger? A door or a window? *a door* Yeah but there’s more windows" -President Bangal hahaha, love that guy.

My companion doesn’t yet have his patriarchal blessing so we are going to make an appointment to go to BAGUIO CITY for him to receive it. If you have any questions on a Patriarchal Blessing, ask my mom, she would love to explain it.

Have a great week!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2017

This is after a service project, where we carried buckets of sand and large rocks to build a retaining wall where they will eventually build a small house. Elder Vilela started stacking rocks on this sleeping puppy, but then the kids took over and started covering him. kawawa (poor thing) But he woke up and stretched when it got too heavy - don’t worry. 

Last Pday after Email we had some free time so Elder Lloyd showed us a minimart that has a pool room you can rent for 125 pesos ($2.45 USD) an hour per person. I didn’t know where we were going at first but we went behind the counter, through a small hallway, through another door and opened up into a cellar of a pool room, but it was cool enough for us. We played for a good hour, next time we will probably stay longer. It was funny how back room it was. Never would I ever expect there to be Billiards (as it is always called here) in the back room. 

Lastly, this is my companion Elder Vilela at a calenderia (outside eating place) and I finally decided to try the thing that’s in my hand. “What is that?" you might ask, It’s grilled chicken heads. They were good, a little bit bony but I would eat it again. Only 10 pesos for 3 (20 cents).

We are teaching a family of 5. The Father and the daughter are the ones we are teaching but we will try to have a FHE there to get his 2 other younger boys to join the lessons and gain interest too. The father is really cool, really funny. He believes everything we teach him, is living the word of wisdom, but his problem is he won’t come to church, and wants to wait for his wife to come back from working abroad so they can be all baptized together. We told him that he should take the opportunity now because he will be able to help his family more through his example. He is getting really close we can feel it, we just need him to come to church instead of driving people around in his Tricikel. I'll try to get a picture with them next week, he is a roly poly kind of a man, haha He’s awesome. 

Thank you to the people who emailed me this week, you know who you are. The missionaries in the field are soo appreciative of letters, emails, or any pictures you think to send. If you have any questions about what I’m experiencing, I’ll try to answer as best I can. 

Have a great week Y'all

Elder Hennessey

This is Sister Brown and Sister Manu. As her first District Leader, I  am Sister Manu's mission dad, and as her first “stl”, Sister Brown is her mission mom, meaning that we are a couple and this is our kid, which makes my facial expression pretty funny in this pic. 



Tuesday, August 22, 2017

This week was cool. I had for the second time in my whole mission a Family Home Evening at the investigators house without another member present. It is a weird concept for people just to gather with Family and then have some quality laughs. We always supply the games and a short message. The father of the family missed the lesson but came in for the games which was amazing because usually he is very shy towards us. The games allowed us to break the tension very easily. The mother has fake teeth and one of the games requires you to say a phrase without showing your teeth, even if you laugh you need to keep your teeth covered by your lips. The nanays teeth fell out!! haha It was really funny and she sat out the rest of the game because it was an "unfair disadvantage." 

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Invite the missionaries over for dinner!! I don’t know if they do fun games like we do here, but if you ask them to beforehand, I'm sure they’ll come up with something. 

Have a good week!

These are pics with my new companion Elder Vilela.  He is from Batangas, Phillippines, a place where Tagalog IS the native language, but it’s not just tagalog, it’s a very deep dialect. The way he explained it to me it sounds like they speak the Tagalog equivalent of Old English, and instead of saying happy they’d say overjoyed. Anyways, he’s a super cool guy.

We rode in the back of my branch president’s truck, #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines

Monday, August 14, 2017

Last Friday was a memorable day of work. First we met a guy who was really old and after we gave him a pamphlet with introduction to the Restoration of the Church, he told us "ok, I have a story to tell you, I spent 2 years in grade 1, 1 year in grade 2, 2 years in grade 3, 1 year in grade 4, and 3 years in grade 5.” That’s all the education he had, but then I said "Yeah that maybe true, but if you add all those years together, you get 9 years of schooling!" He laughed and said thanks for the pamphlet. 

The next person we saw was fixing some shorts, so while I introduced myself, I grabbed some of the other shorts he hadn’t yet fixed and got to work. I was halfway done when his neighbor came to sit by me and said I was doing it wrong. I hadn’t stretched the elastic taught before sewing, so it wouldn’t have been able to stretch and probably just tore. Also I had sewn the drawstring into the seam so it wouldn’t have adjusted anymore. Silly me. I undid it, we laughed a lot at my blunder, and I fixed them the right way. They’d probably already been fixed 4 times by the 4 other color threads I saw. 

I really enjoy finding, meeting all new people and trying to let them see I’m not just some foreigner, but I’m a person too and I have a message that will raise the quality of life. It is so easy for me to see the blessings in the lives of people here because even if there is a big house, if the inside of the house is full of hate and contention and no one is being nice then the house is worth nothing. But there are many people here whose lives are not super luxurious but they are happier than many others that I’ve met all because of the gospel of Jesus Christ and obedience to His commandments. 

Elder Hennessey

Elder Pitt at the Balun. He is nagbabumba, or pumping water.

Elder Jenson, Elder Campbell and Me inside a Trike.

The small river our Trickel had to cross. We drive onto the raft then they pull us across. On our way, there were 2 trickels on the raft, we were in the back, but because our trickel had 4 amerikanos in it, it was heavier, and the raft was off-balanced. It slid back maybe a foot and a half when our end sunk down into the water. We all yelled and pushed at each other to get out of the cramped Trickel. It was very fun.

Elder Campbell and me before he left. I'm wearing a sweater even though it made me super sweaty.

The longest bridge in the Phillippines.


Harvesting Corn.