This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This weekend we will be traveling down to San Fernando, La Union, as a Mission to hear from Elder Rasband, one of the living 12 Apostles, sooo that’s pretty dang cool.

We were looking for some less-active families by using the Ward directory. It’s not as easy as it sounds. There’s always more houses being built and people moving in and leaving; it’s almost impossible to find the place you’re looking for. Also, the neighborhoods aren’t updated very frequently so there are some houses with like 3 numbers on them from the different time the officials have come through to do a new address system. Anyways, we found one house after asking probably 6 different people as we honed in on the right area and house, just to find out that she had moved to Canada 5 years earlier. Like, wouldnt that have been a good addition to telling us where the house is??? Anyways, it was a little frustrating but it’s just one of the struggles we have sometimes.  

Funny note: Elder Beck does not have the biggest appetite. But about 3 weeks ago he got really sick and was throwing up like crazy. Now whenever we go to someone’s house and they give us food and they mention that he only ate a little bit, I always bring up the fact that he got sick a while back and his stomach is probably not adjusted yet, even though it’s been about 3 weeks now. He always gets annoyed but laughs about the fact that I’ve been milking this sickness just to jab some fun at him. He never expects it but always rolls his eyes like crazy when I bring it back up. Anyways, that’s one of the jokes we have. 

Hope y’all is having a good Sunday.

HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY!!! (Valentines Day ;) )

Elder Hennessey

Bowling ;)

A House overhanging a big ol' drop. Its supports are not very supportive.

A meeting we had with President Bangal and President Cabrito, the Stake President.

Bowling scores. I'm NB and Elder Mejica is OA (he beat me by 2 points).

Monday, February 5, 2018

Ok, so as promised here is the story of the scarriest thing whats happened to me on the mission, and probably the most dangerous too:

Dalwang martes noon, naglalakad kami galing sa bahay ni brother Turner. Naglalakad lang kami pupunta sa Siapno Road, kung saan may ibang tuturuan kami. habang dumadaan sa may mga Jeepnee, sumigaw ang mga jeepnee drivers "OI! OOH!" tumingin kami at nakita namin isang baliw, (na baliw talaga) na lumapit sa amin.
marumi cya at nagsasalita sa amin pero hindi maintindihan. tapos na bigla sinabi nya "What is your prpblem??!" sabi namin wala po wala po, pero linakasan nya ang voces nya "What is your PROBLEM??!!!" natakot naman kami kaya binalisan namin ang lakad para maiwasan pero sumunod parin. sabi nya, "do you want his?" tapos binuksan nya ang kanyang jaqueta (may dalawa cya) at kinuha nya isang bote na Royal, parang mag 8 or 12 ounces. kinuha nya isa pa, tag isa sa mga kamay nya. akala ni Elder Beck na babatoin nya sa amin pero hindi. Sabi nya, habang lumapit cya sa tabing calsada "Magic" at binasag ung dalawang glass na bote. Hindo ko alam kung anong gusto nyang gawin, pero hindi rin ako naghintay. Pagonce na binasag nya sila, tumakbo ako ka-agad hahaha oo, as in sobrang mabilis. iniwan ko si Elder Beck pero sumunod naman. Tumakbo kami ng mga 80 yards at noon tumingin kami wala cya, hindi cya naghabol saamin.
sa bilis ng takbo, nalampasan namin ang next na appointment namin pero oklang, next time nalang sa kanila. 

so now, pag nasa area kami palagi nasa red alert na ako. sabi ng mga nasa barangay nyen na baliw cya dahil sa droga at maraming beces nakulung cya. 

nakilala namin isang tao djan sa area at sabi nya na nakita nya kami na nagjojogging haha hindi nya alam na sobrang natakot kami noon.

Hahaha kung hindi mo maintindihan, tanongan nyo isang pinoy na kaibigan para magtranslate #ISpeakTagalog #PalayBigasKanin

Basically he broke some bottles like they do in a bar fight. I thought we were gonna get stabbed so I ran.  Here is google translation:

Dalwang Tuesday noon, we walked from the house's brother Turner. We go walking Siapno Road, where someone would teach us. while passing with Jeepnee, cried out jeepnee drivers "OI! OOH!" We looked and we saw a crazy, (really mad) to come to us.
cya dirty and speaks to us but not understand. then suddenly he said that "What is your prpblem ??!" I said we did not have much, but linakasan her voice is her "What is your problem ?? !!!" We were so scared we binalisan way to avoid but still adhere. he said, "do you want him?" He then opened his jaqueta (with two cya) and he took a bottle of Royal, as either 8 or 12 ounces. She took another, each in his hands. Elder Beck thought that he babatoin us but not. He said, while the curtain comes cya calsada "Magic" and broke my two glass bottles. Hindo I knew what she wanted to do, but I waited. Pagonce that they broke her, I'll run away yes, as in super fast. I left, but Elder Beck followed. We run 80 yards and then we look not she, who never trailed cya saamin.
Speeding, we overcame the next appointment but we oklang, next time just for them.

so now, in the area we are always on red alert me. said in the village Nyen touched cya due to drugs and many beces nakulung cya.

we met a man djan area and he said that he saw that we did not know nagjojogging haha ​​super scared we were.

Nice if you do not understand, tanongan me a funny friend for magtranslate #ISpeakTagalog #PalayBigasKanin

Some pics...

Sunday, January 28, 2018

This is an example of the hard gospel library that some members have: Teachings of the Presidents, seminary manuals, and others. It’s so cool to see how important gospel knowledge is to some members. 

A flower that is my mom’s favorite color ;)

Classic landscape of Baguio. 

Baguio ulit (again) with Elder Atkinson while we had exchanges as both of our companions were sick. 

Last P-day when Bro Richard Turner took us out to eat STEAK!! It was delicious. Big shoutout to him for feeding us good.

Elder Beck with his 24 ounce T-bone.

Me and Elder Atkinson again. 


These are the missing pictures from last week.  Also these pics of us eating and the stairs at the Crown Legacy Hotel. These two nice ladies (sister members) took us out for breakfast. It was masarap!  

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2 things only, cuz I gotta write some college essays.

Elder Lloyd is my favorite Baguio Mission Chorister. He is also my first District Leader ever and my current Assistant...(to the President) He goes home in less than a month!

Also these pics of us eating, of some stairs and of the chandelier are at the Crown Legacy Hotel. These two nice ladies (sister members) took us out for breakfast. It was masarap!  (Some pictures were not accessible through a google drive - might have them next week.)


Monday, January 15, 2018




Us with the Bishop’s boys as they drove us back to the house after FHE.

Elder Beck carrying Bro Danny up the 220 steps to the road where we got a taxi to take us all to church. He's gonna go back to live with his Family in Bisias but he wanted to come to church one more time. He had a stroke that affected his whole right side so he's pretty kawawa. 

Enjoying the view from the Bagnos's porch.


Shots taken from the bus as it traveled up to BAGUIO CITY. All those coke bottles fell off the truck, I don’t know how/why or when, I just know I saw a bunch of kids walking away with free cokes :)

Finally, a pic of the first carpeted chapel I've yet been in during my time here in the Philippines. Also my shoes, soles, and socks :) 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


The area has been going really well here in San Fernando Zone, Sevilla Ward. We are working a lot more with the members and focusing more on Re-activation of long-time less active families.  Then, as they are returning to church, we will teach their family members and invite them to be baptized so that they can just, you know, get into heaven and be with their families eternally (no biggie). J

One investigator right now is Sister Angelica B., she is a referral from (shout out to Kat (Katleen Jucutan)). She is progressing suuuper well and is to the point where if there is a commandment, or thing that she needs to do but isn't yet, she has the faith to completely change to more fully obey and follow the commandments.
I will not be there to witness her baptism because I was a victim of Special Transfers. Its kinda like an Emergency Transfer, it just happens rarely halfway through a transfer. I have been called to be a Zone leader in Baguio City, Pactel Ward. I’m excited because it’s Baguio, one of the major famous cities in the Philippines and my Companion will be @Elder Beck #Batch #6footer #6monthsnalang.  

But I am really sad to be leaving this area. I feel like in my 3.5 months here I've finally learned how to be a missionary who can stand up for anything and do what we’re supposed to even if it’s hard/tiring. I'm relieved to know that my replacement, Elder Grimm, is also my Batch and I know I can trust him in the area. He'll take everything we were doing and magnify it x100; he’s a really great missionary, and amazing at the language.