This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, January 15, 2018




Us with the Bishop’s boys as they drove us back to the house after FHE.

Elder Beck carrying Bro Danny up the 220 steps to the road where we got a taxi to take us all to church. He's gonna go back to live with his Family in Bisias but he wanted to come to church one more time. He had a stroke that affected his whole right side so he's pretty kawawa. 

Enjoying the view from the Bagnos's porch.


Shots taken from the bus as it traveled up to BAGUIO CITY. All those coke bottles fell off the truck, I don’t know how/why or when, I just know I saw a bunch of kids walking away with free cokes :)

Finally, a pic of the first carpeted chapel I've yet been in during my time here in the Philippines. Also my shoes, soles, and socks :) 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


The area has been going really well here in San Fernando Zone, Sevilla Ward. We are working a lot more with the members and focusing more on Re-activation of long-time less active families.  Then, as they are returning to church, we will teach their family members and invite them to be baptized so that they can just, you know, get into heaven and be with their families eternally (no biggie). J

One investigator right now is Sister Angelica B., she is a referral from (shout out to Kat (Katleen Jucutan)). She is progressing suuuper well and is to the point where if there is a commandment, or thing that she needs to do but isn't yet, she has the faith to completely change to more fully obey and follow the commandments.
I will not be there to witness her baptism because I was a victim of Special Transfers. Its kinda like an Emergency Transfer, it just happens rarely halfway through a transfer. I have been called to be a Zone leader in Baguio City, Pactel Ward. I’m excited because it’s Baguio, one of the major famous cities in the Philippines and my Companion will be @Elder Beck #Batch #6footer #6monthsnalang.  

But I am really sad to be leaving this area. I feel like in my 3.5 months here I've finally learned how to be a missionary who can stand up for anything and do what we’re supposed to even if it’s hard/tiring. I'm relieved to know that my replacement, Elder Grimm, is also my Batch and I know I can trust him in the area. He'll take everything we were doing and magnify it x100; he’s a really great missionary, and amazing at the language. 

Monday, January 1, 2018


I had a weird experience today, while emailing, my Mom chatted me telling me that my sisters were outside yelling "Happy New Years" to passing cars. It was strange cuz I had just celebrated the same event, same time, but about 14 hours earlier. It is now about 4 o'clock in the afternoon here, Power of time change, no? New Years here was fun, I think New Years was more of a national holiday than Christmas just because there were so few people today in the market it felt empty, probably only every 7th stall (shop) was open. Last night we stayed up with the rest of the Philippines until Midnight (the fireworks started at 6:30 once the sun went down). Once the clock struck 12 (on our nokia brick cellphone) the entire country burst into a roar of Fireworks, plastic Trumpets, pots and pans being banged together, car horns, yelling, and coins being thrown onto the floor (one of the cool New Years superstitions here. Another cool superstition here is that on the New Years eve you need 12 different kinds of fruit to be displayed, it will help your year to be "fruitful" or "mabunga" bunga=fruit(of your labors) and the ma makes it an adjective.

Bye Bye,

Have a fun Day!!!

Us helping sister Juvy Ann get her carienderia ready for grand opening on Jan 3.

Me pretending I have a Selfie stick like my cool companion Elder Aguirre, but no it’s just a broom :)

First we got Elder Fowler and me.

Jucutan Family after they went caroling, counting their money.  They were gone 2 hours and got 822 pesos split into 4 is 205, not bad at all for going out singing with your friends.

Sister Evelyne and Elder Aguirre My new Companion. Sister Evelyn got baptized on Saturday!! She asked Bishop Rabe to baptize her and he happily obliged, even though the white baptismal clothes made him look like Baymax.

Jacob, aka Kolbe, my favorite kid of Sevilla Ward. He's 3 but talks up a storm and is super mischievous. He has 5 brothers/sisters and they live in a Christ-centered home. I took a picture of him and Chacha sleeping cuz that’s how I sleep on the tile cuz it’s hot, but they have a mattress.

Last of all Shout-out to Precious Aquino, she’s sent a lot of pictures to my family while I had no camera.

Casan Jucutan, Angelia B. (has a Baptismal Date for January 20, Precious Aquino, Kaizyl Jucutan, Yours Truly :)

Thursday, December 21, 2017


This week was wild. So many different things happened and it will not be forgotten. Starting on Monday, ElderTabaua and Elder Jimenez went home, so I've been with Elder Tabaua’s companion for the week. He will be transferring and I will get a new companion, Elder Aguirre, Pilipino. For the last 2 transfers, there have been 2 companionships in my house but now it will only be 1. President Bangal is changing the mission so there’s a max of 2 companionships in every unit. So in my unit, Sevilla Ward, we have me and Elder Aguirre, the Zone Leaders, then the Assistants to the President, Elders Pitt, Lloyd and Bin Salleh. 

We helped the Sisters move houses on Thursday, I always say to myself that moves go waaay better when everything is packed up and ready to go when everyone gets there, so it can just be moved and then unpacked.  But many times I have gotten to a house or a Missionary apartment and had them still packing, and the kitchen still completely untouched and dirty dishes in the sink. We packed up the first load, and as we were waiting for it to return, we played some games with coins in the now empty tiled room. One thing I really appreciate here is how kids here, and kinda adults too sometimes, make games out of just about anything, like a tin can and your flip-flops, that’s prime game material. 

On Saturday we had a CSP (Community Service Project) helping to make the property flat where a house is about to be built, it was really fun but I hit my toe with a shovel so that kinda hurt. Afterwards we ate sinagang, grilled fish and tomatoes with salt all over rice. Then we went and ate at Macdo (McDonald’s), so we were pretty full by this point. Went home to quickly shower before going to the Area of San Fernando Ward to interview a really old guy for baptism. He was great in the interview, he spoke straight English and really understood what it means to take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ. 

Then to top it all off, on Sunday morning at about 2:00 I couldn’t sleep, then at 4:00 I started puking and diarrhea-ing until about 830. We didn’t attend church, but afterwards the APs gave us a special sacrament (that’s when worthy Priesthood holders will visit and administer the Sacrament in homes to people who are not about to attend church. Mainly for very elderly or sick members.) I then asked for a blessing for the sick before we went out to work. Today I feel a lot better. 

Merry Christmas y’all, I get to skype my fam next week. If any of you can’t visit all of your family, skype them too to share the Christmas Spirit :)

Elder Hennessey

Helping sister Kat on how to make a flower made of paper.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

This week was wild and not super productive for the work. We got a total of 8 proselyting hours, 7 CSP hours, and 2 days at Christmas Conference. Wednesday was a full day setup of the Cultural Hall.  President Bangal came by at about 11:30 and ordered us a lunch and he thought we would be done at 1:00. So when he came back at 5:30 and we were just about to wrap up he was not very happy. By not very happy I mean he got kinda mad at us haha. He came in the side door and only saw the back wall of the stage, but when he went down to the center of the hall and saw the full affect he started to smile and I knew he couldn’t get mad anymore, he was satisfied. He did mention though during his presentation on Friday, that next year, they would only be re-doing what we had done and that they wouldn’t stay until night. That was one of the only days ever on my mission that I didn’t put on procelyting clothes. The conference was a huge success. It was great. We watched The Cokeville Miracle, a very spiritual and tear-jerking movie. Had a lot of fun presentations and games and Lots of great Games.

Last Sunday we had a Stake event, we watched the Christmas Devotional put on by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The 3 speakers had very good personal stories and mixed in Doctrinal backups. I would invite everyone to gather your families around and watch it now to add a little bit of Christmas Spirit to your Holiday Season. The second speaker’s description of Christmas is very close to what we experience here in the Philippines. 

I'm running low on time but Thanks for all of the people who read this 15 months later. 

Merry Christmas

Elder Hennessey