This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, July 3, 2017

This week was the most productive out of any week of my entire mission. We had 43 investigator discussions, and met 33 new investigators. The finding we did last week really paid off. This area is set up really well for the next missionary because I'M TRANSFERRING! I will finally be going to my 3rd area. Bangued Branch 2. I have heard amazing things about this place and even if it is way far away it is a growing area. I will be very sad to leave Bacnotan really, the people and the work and the ward and area are amazing, but I am excited to go to my third area where I will kill Elder Campbell (I'll be his last companion before he goes home).

I love and hate packing. It’s good to throw things away but it’s hard because I get bogged down with reading old Letters people have sent to me and old pictures I've been given or printed. Please write your Elders. Email is good, but Letters are 100% to make their week, and you'll probably even get a response which will be written during our language study time (chAr haha).

I hope everyone will have an amazing Fourth of July, in Celebration of the Glorious Country of America. For my Fourth of July, I will wake up singing our National anthem for Elder Walsh, who is from England, Great Britain. We have a good time arguing about whose country is better, it’s all in good fun; He's even admitted he likes America and would love to visit after the mission. 

Be safe! Blow something up for me :) Or surprise attack someone in Silly String :)

Elder Hennessey

Conrado and his family after they fed us spaghetti lunch. 

Abenohar Family

Bawal magmotor "Not allowed to not Ride motorcycles"

A crab Elder Dosdos found in a puddle as we walked back from Abenohar Family. Elder Bulseco ate it and his mouth went numb. We don’t know if he’s allergic or it was affected by Acid Rain.

Abenohar's Family Rules

Bishop Baro and His family, and Elder Walsh, my Lolo (grandpa, or trainer of my trainer) in the mission.

Elder Dosdos my Companion Getting a Vaccine, we all got them. The Elder giving them is Elder Thomas, who was a Medic in the Army and served 3 years active duty before coming on his mission.

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