This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Hey hey hey, I finally made it to my 3rd area in the mission; Bangued Abra. It’s awesome here. But first I wanna say how my 4th of July was. I started it at midnight by drinking tea with Elder Walsh, a Brit from Manchester, then after hopping on a bus for 3.5 hours I got to my new area, where I sang The Star Spangled Banner with 3 other Americanos before going to sleep :) It was a day to be remembered.

My new house is awesome, super big and new, which means it hasn’t had enough missionaries pass through it to become dirty. I love Philippinos but there is a little culture barrier where conversation topics don’t come up all the time.  But with 4 Americanos we almost never have a quiet moment in the house, and there’s the perfect amount of space for us to do whatever we want. 2 nights ago we practiced our cricket bowls in the living room since Elder Jenson lived in New Zealand until he was 6, so basically he’s American but he can still get a sweet accent if he wants.

On Wednesday we were trying to find new people to teach so we took a trip up into the mountain. We saw a big gazebo, and went over to check it out. We looked over the back and saw what we originally thought were terra-cotta statues. Upon further inspections they were... statues of biblical stories maybe (?) there was a lot of Jesus’s and roman soldiers and people praying. It creeped me out and reminded me of Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. 

The area of Bangued is awesome. All of the missionaries that come here think its gonna be a tiny place that’s super 3rd world country...and it is but there are also some beautiful arkitexture here. I'd say it’s bigger than Bacnotan, and definitely hotter. There’s a lot of boarding houses which is something I’ve never noticed in my other areas. We teach people in 3 different boarding houses which is nice because we can go to one place and teach 2 or 3 separate lessons. 

I'll try to get some videos sent to you, I’ve got a lot but the Internet cafe I'm in right now said it’s not allowed to watch YouTube or upload video files because it will take up too much gigs. Since they’re not on an unlimited plan, it’s like 50 gigs or something. 

Love you all!

Don’t forget to invite the missionaries over to your homes, They're too shy to ask for it but they'll bring the spirit into your home. Worth it. 

What it looks like when 2 missionaries are packing to leave an area.

Our district breakfast, morning of Transfer day, at the beach. We ate mashed potatoes, hotdogs and rice, plus water. (I just have a butcher knife on my plate haha)

My new housemates: Elder Jenson, Elder Pitt, Me, Elder Campbell. Each pizza was 155 pesos ($3.05 USD) and we got a “Buy 4 get 1 free” deal.


My new Zone.

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