This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

This week was cool. The highlight was definitely the "Come Unto Christ" Musical Devotional. We sang a variety of songs combined with some of the missionaries from the Mission Centre San Fernando, We invited everyone from 5 different municipalities to come to our small church building to listen. It went Great, besides the fact that I was asked to give a small solo from “His Image in Your Countenance." I was super nervous but it was over before too long. One of the concerns of our investigators who didn’t come was that it might rain and on the way home it would be all wet. They were right. It did rain, and it Rained HArd. We were in the 2nd to last song when it started, but we knew it was coming from the wind and darkening clouds. It was awesome though because even if there was monsoon level rains and thunder every 30 seconds, there was still a very strong spirit with the group of Saints listening to and singing songs about the life of Jesus Christ. It was a very cool experience and very worthwhile. 

Last Monday we went to eat pizza at a pizza shop owned by a white guy and a Philippino woman who is from England and so she only speaks English with a very thick accent. While we were eating I wanted to add Barbeque sauce to my BBQ chicken pizza but the cap was very tightly shut. I struggled for a second before it popped off with a splatter of BBQ sauce that got all over me and the table. I was feeling pretty scrubby but we cleaned up a little and then went shopping afterwards. Elder Pitt had me clean his tie which I was happy to do since it was a very unfortunate accident. 

We went to the municipality (province) of Bukay 40 minutes away to interview some baptismal candidates for some other Elders. A trike costs 150 pesos ($3 USD) going one way, that’s super expensive, but the drive is really far and a lot of uphill. We finally got there, walked for an hour to the people’s house, interviewed, walked to another place, and interviewed a boy who had just turned 8 years old. We then stayed for his birthday dinner which was Maserap! Before we left though, we said that we were gonna go to the waiting area to get a tricycle (a motorcycle with a sidecar, so 3 wheels) going home. The father laughed as he said there were no more tricycle running at that time, and we would have to sleep in Bukay for the night. After 25 minutes of hunting and waiting we finally found a Member willing to drive us back to Bangued. It was 7:30 and dark by now and raining pretty good. But he told us if he were to drive us it would cost the price of 2 trips, because he would have to come back afterwards... Kind of reluctantly we got in, 10 minutes into the drive, we were at a curve in the road and the headlight went black. The breaks screeched to a stop and he got them working again. I had actually been praying for safety on the wet downhill roads when it happened, so I was terrified when I opened my eyes to pitch black and brakes squealing. We finished the 30 minutes, and handed over another 300 pesos. We hoped he would lower it at least 50, or maybe even to 200, but we weren’t going to fight a member on the price after he rescued us from being stranded in a mountainous province. 

Have a good week

Elder Hennessey

We had just started to walk down a really long road to our area when a rainstorm started to pass overhead, so instead of getting soaked to the bone right at the start of the day, we hid out there for maybe 10-15 minutes. "at nandoon and area namin - And our area is far that way"

My old Companion Elder Bagnall. He just got out of the Hospital where he had kidney failure, basically 50/50 chance of dying but he pulled through. We knew it was serious but not to what level when our Mission President texted everyone and told us to say a prayer for him and anyone else who has a sickness at 9:30. Since he was my companion just 3 months before I got pretty worried. Buhay Pa! Still Alive!

All of the missionaries that participated in our "Come unto Christ" Music Devotional with Mission President and his wife in the center. 

My Church Building. 

My Branch president’s daughter about to touch a giant spider holding a cookie...jokes that’s the cookie is its egg sack. Look at the Bic pen for scale.

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