This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, June 26, 2017

We went to the beach and played volleyball with other missionaries and the youth of Bacnotan Branch. They do have youth and YSA (Young Single Adult) programs depending on how strong the age group is. We have sports night every Saturday at 4. And there is seminary class from 5-6:30 pm, Tuesday-Friday. In Bacnotan we are very lucky to have a really strong YSA and Youth groups. This is one reason why it’ll be hard to leave Bacnotan next week when I Transfer on July 4th. 

This is Shari, an investigator, 16, in love with K-Pop, and has an AMAZING singing voice. We had an FHE (Family Home Evening) at her eatery outside of her house. She wants to be baptized but has to wait until she is 18 because her grandparents don’t approve. She is stronger (more active) than probably half of the youth who ARE members.

Some of the Nanays (moms) from Bacnotan ward, they love to feed missionaries and are super nice. (But they were a little awkwardly close in the photo if you can tell haha)

Pics from our Ward Family Home Evening. We did minute to win it style games, teams of 10. 

Some awesome things that happened in this awesome place was I finally saw fireflies!  I've never seen fireflies and so when I saw them a couple of night ago, I thought my vision was impaired. But I realized that I wasn’t seeing things, or rather, that the things that I was seeing were fireflies :) They were super cool and I took some time to catch them. It’s pretty hard since there’s only light for about a half second then it goes dark again. Probably easier if you brought your own torch with you. 

We went finding last week. This means we devoted large amounts of hours to just knocking or calling out “Apu” or “Tao Po" to houses. We tracked through 3 barangays, maybe close to 100 houses, plus anyone we saw on the streets. We have yet to go back and see if there will be any return appointments. But hopefully the next missionaries here will have lots of investigators here to work with.

This is a Picture of the Galera Family. Brother was baptized as a young kid and then went inactive for a long time. Me and Elder Salingay were able to find them. We were only able to teach them 2 times though. Elder Unice (my companion from the MTC) was my replacement in Agoo and they continued to teach the family and this is the result! Even if I wasn't there to see the baptisms I am honored to have had a part in their conversion and their acceptance of the Gospel.

Elder Hennessey says “Elder Rennaker is still rockin the Beanies 2 continents away. Email him!!"

This next one is a video of a goat with deformed front legs "walking on 2 legs". Some people might not want to watch.

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