This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, March 20, 2017

OK OK OK So this week, since last week was all spiritual, this week is no spirit at all. Jokelang! (jokelang means joke only, or only joking, just for you all to know) First if you remember back to week Monday November 28 there was a bug that looked like a cross between a cockroach and rat (I fibbed though, it wasn’t 5 inches, probably 1.5 only). I don’t know the name but my Philipino housemate identified it as a 'nut bug". They will climb into your bed and through the fabric to bite your mga itlog (eggs) [Use your imagination I guess!].  So whenever we find them we feed them to Kevin, our praying mantis, who I still don’t have a picture of but it is coming I promise. Two nights ago we found 3 of them in the house and while I was getting worried Elder Centeno, the pinoy said "season of the nut-bug." haha It’s funny but you can tell the season of bugs just by how many show up in your house in the evening. 

Talking of seasons, we here in the Philippines have entered into Tag-inet, hot-season. I don’t know how much hotter it has gotten, but we're not at the pinnacle yet. They say it’ll continue to get hotter till the end of May, then, unexpectantly, it will downpour. Like downpour so much that missionary work is cancelled. Rain so hard you can’t hear your companion yelling at you when he’s right at your side. And so wet that you never are dry. I'm looking forward to it :)

Last week we taught a bakla/gay guy, there are many baklas here. (I hope I am not being insensitive to anyone I’m just talking how people talk here, I’m not being rude at all just speaking like pinoys, straightforward) We taught him and his lady friend and gave them pamphlets with our number on the back, later that night he texted us, my companion warned me to stick to the purpose because he probably just wants to chat and not talk about the gospel. And so I kept it on topic, but he said something to me in English, about sleeping, but got his pronouns all mixed up so it came out really rude and inappropriate. I'm not one to put up with stuff like that so I stated to him "as missionaries we are representatives of Jesus Christ. If this conversation is not focused on our purpose, His life, I'll end it right here." He acted as if he did not understand his error but then continued to be bastos/rude to us. It’s hard sometimes to know if people’s purpose in talking to us is sincere or not. But we don’t pick and choose, all are welcome to hear and to join his fold, but God will not be mocked. That was just a little annoying thing; Elder Bagnall said it has happened to him a fair amount in his mission, it’s just annoying having to deal with things like that when we're trying to be focused on serving everyone. 

Every night now at 10:30 and in the morning at 6:30 we have Family (district) prayer. Where we call the sisters and put it on speaker phone then one person prays. It has helped us to be closer as a district and to go to bed and wake up on time. I would say that is partly why we had so much success yesterday at church. We had 11 investigators come to church! Yes that is partly because we have 2 companionships in the one ward but still, 11 is WOW! It’s so nice to be in an area that is easy to see the progression, easy to see that the people are ready and that we are more able to fulfill our purpose. I would like to encourage everyone to try and hold family prayer in their homes. Of course family scripture study too, but at least prayer. There is a spirit of unity that enters the home when all come together to pray, and the Spirit is invited into the home to reside and to help all the residences to love and to grow. Try to set a time that will work best for you, and try for a couple of times a week, then every night. You will feel a difference. 

Hope you guys had a great week and will be able to enjoy another great one. 

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