This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I will start this week by telling 2 dreams, these were both had by my investigators. The first one was by Felly, our 55 year old woman investigator. She was taking a nap around 4 pm when she dreamed that me and Elder Bagnall were lounging in her house, like I was leaned back in a chair with my arms holding my head like how people do, and Elder Bagnall was asleep on the bamboo couch she has. Then she woke up because her grandkids were being noisy. She says "Hey! Be quiet while the missionaries are here!” Her kids say, “There’s no missionaries here”, then she went searching around her house because she really thought we had been there. It’s pretty random but at least she was thinking about us while we weren’t there. She came to church last week but she is leaving for 2 weeks, she loves to read the Book of Mormon though, so she will be fine.

The second is a lady we've only taught one time, oddly enough she joined the lesson we were having with Felly. She asked me suddenly what her dream meant. She said that there was a loud voice that said “malapit na ang ukom sa mundo" At first I had to ask Elder Walsh (We had exchanges. Exchanges are when you don’t work with your regular companion.) what does ukom mean? (The lady asked me, I asked her if it was Tagalog or ilokano and she didn't know.) He said it was probably Hukom-judge, which roughly translates to the judgment is close to the Earth. She also said that in her dream there was flocks of black birds circling overhead and then flew down at the earth. She said she's had the dream 3 times and doesn't know what it means. I told her I wasn't sure but it would probably be a good idea to repent of anything she’s done bad. It gave me chills when she said it just because it sounded almost like she was going to die soon or something. I also told her to pray and ask God what her dream meant, I don’t know what kind of an answer she'll get but it’s worth a shot. 

About a month ago my companion Elder Salingay told me one morning that I was talking in my sleep the night before. But I wasn't speaking English, it was Tagalog. I asked what I had been saying and he told me I was teaching a lesson about LOC, Law of Chastity! This is one of the lessons we teach to people about how marriage is necessary and pleases God, and not to have serious physical relations outside of marriage. It’s funny that it was LOC but really cool that I was sleep talking Tagalog! If that’s not a sign that you are getting kind of fluent at a language (and being a missionary) then I don’t know what is.

Have a good week everybody! Sweet Dreams haha

Elder Hennessey

This is a picture I got from Elder Maners that I forgot to send. It’s just an example of the bridges we walk on. There’s 2 bridges in my area that are both super long and dangerous looking.

(This picture is from John & Jacci Jones - a Philippine food cart found near Trillium Charter School in Portland. They had posted on Tiegue's blog two weeks ago and Tiegue is commenting on the picture Kelli forwarded to him.)  

Oh My Gosh!! That food looks SO MASERAP!! haha I need to find where this food cart is when I get back. I have come accustomed to liking vinegar because there is lots of that here, I’ve never had shrimp adobo, never eaten tofu, but we also eat a lot of pancit. If we have a baptism, we usually bring pancit and buy some soda for afterwards. And lots of lumpia also, I wonder if it is more sweet or not to fit american taste better like they do at Panda Express. 

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