This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, May 22, 2017

This week was alright. We taught a total of 9 lessons this week which is pretty low, usually we hit about 16-22. This is because for one day I was sick with the fever, and didn’t go to work, but other than that we are re-evaluating our investigator pool. We went to a lot of houses, got told basically "not today" so we went finding. We met so many new people and out of the probably 30 houses that we went to, probably 3 or four will become investigators. But that’s just missionary work. You go out, work a long time, fulfill your duty, and on some days meet minimal success, but when you finally get invited in, the change that we are able to see in people’s lives is priceless. We share messages about Jesus Christ, but we really help people learn how to make their lives more complete and to find out what they are missing. No matter what our situation or position is in life we can always become happier and our burdens will be lifted if we learn of and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

This last week we got the first taste of Tag-ulan, or rainy season, or monsoon season. Saturday night it rained lightly and we enjoyed a lot of thunder storms. Sunday it rained lightly on the way to church at 9 am, at noon it was super hot and humid, then at 3 it down poured for about 3 hours, then rained steadily for the rest of the night. At 3:30 I was admiring the rain from inside the safe dryness of the church building, It was so beautiful to me because it rains a lot in Portland, it was cooler, and because the jungle scenery outside of the church came alive and just seemed more like the true rainforests I’ve always heard of in the Amazon or someplace. We went out at 4 o’clock to work in our area so this means we got caught in the first Acid-rain downpour of the season. This is where I give a big shout out to Annee Magee for her gift of an umbrella. I used it and it kept my top half dry, but my pants and feet got soaked through and through from walking through puddles. It was a fun day though. We found 5 new investigators which is quite a bit because they felt bad for us to be out in the rain, but I’d say at least one of them, God-Frey actually has some good potential. 

Later today I'm going to get my Philippines Drivers license, so wish me luck :)

Have fun everyone!!

Elder Hennessey

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