This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Saturday we went with the youth to Tangadan Falls. We hiked probably an hour up, halfway was through rice fields, then the other half was jungle trails leading up to a waterfall, but the whole way I carried a 5 gallon dispenser type jug of water. It had a tiny leak so while I was walking it would drip onto my back, making it looked like I was soaked in sweat, which by the time we got to the top was true. We paid entrance fee of 30 pesos, then rented a bamboo hut to eat lunch 500 pesos, then everyone went swimming!!! Everyone BUT the missionaries that is. As missionaries, swimming is prohibited because too many times in the past there have been accidents or even deaths because of swimming. But if you ask the missionaries they'll tell you "it’s because Satan owns the water". (For more enlightenment please read Section 61 of the Doctrine and Covenants) We just sat on the edge and took some pictures while all of the youth said "Come on in, the waters great!" Even our Returned Missionary of a Young Mens leader said "Come on, I won’t tell, your Mission President is not here". But we resigned to just dipping our feet into the water. When/if I am able to come back to the Philippines, I will make up for the 2 years without.

After the hike, there was a Baptism, and that’s when it hit me, The Aching in my shoulders was too much to bear. I couldn’t even sit up straight (But it is super important to practice good posture, for more enlightenment ask Greta Hennessey). And after the baptism we ran to our closest area for a lesson with Conrado E. His lessons are amazing, we go maybe 4 times a week to him, His testimony of the Book of Mormon is super strong, he says he is willing and wants to follow any commandment because it comes from God. He even related a story to us about when he was double-crossed, and really was ready to kill this guy, but the only thing that stopped him was knowing that it was in the commandments "Thou shalt not kill". He is ready to give up his coffee in order to obey the Word of Wisdom, a law of good health for members of the church. He has come to church every week since we started teaching him and wants his family to join him.

Sunday I knew I was sick as soon as I woke up, it’s a bad sign when your body feels like it’s 50 degrees when you know that’s impossible in Hot season. I took some medicine and continued to church because we had a musical presentation for Mother’s Day. By the time we got there, my shirt was drenched with sweat. After church everyone was saying "it’s like something not right, are you okay?" When I say I have a fever but I’m fine, they joke that I miss my girlfriend or my Mom, and I just laugh because it’s easier than correcting them. It’s only when I shake their hand to go home that they get actually alarmed because my body is burning up, and afterwards I went home and slept trying to recover a little bit for my Skype call on American Mother’s Day. 

It’s always weird to me that I'm living 14 hours in the future. But no matter what time, day or place, hopefully we can take a second and think of all the wonderful things that our mothers have done for us. Again, Happy Mother’s Day to all!!

Have a good week, 

Elder Hennessey

This is a picture of the Galera Family. Brother was baptized as a young kid, and then went inactive for a long time. Me and Elder Salingay were able to find them, We were only able to teach them 2 times though. Elder Unice (my companion from the MTC on far left) was my replacement in Agoo and they continued to teach the family and this is the result! Even if I wasn't there to see the baptisms I am honored to have had a part in their conversion and their acceptance of the Gospel.

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