This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

This week is transfer week. Every 6 weeks you have a possibility to transfer out of your house or get a new companion. Last Saturday Elder Binsalleh called me and said "I have good news for you, you’re going to transfer!!" "No way" (because normally trainers finish their 3 months with their trainees) "There was an emergency transfer with one of the Assistants to the President and you need to go be the remaining AP's companion. "NOO WAYY" I freaked out, "You are qualified and President asked for you" I was freaking out hard, and kept saying "No way! Stop Joking" for a good 5 minutes he kept telling me to calm down and that I was qualified for the position of Assistant to the President... Then he said he was joking. I'm still just a District leader trainer.

But Elder Beck and Elder Dosdos are getting transferred, and their area is getting dissolved because their branch leaders weren’t supporting the missionary effort like they said they would if President Bangal gave them another companionship of missionaries. 

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