This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, December 12, 2016

This week was super crazy, and seemed longer than ever since there were so many things to be done.

First of all on Tuesday I said goodbye to Elder Gamboa, and got a temporary Companion, Elder Centeno, He's been out 15 months, likes to go out late and sleep really early, but he’s a cool guy, and I learned from him on how to teach differently. Wednesday we went to San Fernando for training on how to train a newbie (San Fernando is about 27 miles away and travel time is an hour by bus). Thursday I worked with Elder Centeno again, but not in my area. Friday we went to San Fernando again to pick up our trainees. But I had to give Elder Salingay away because I had an extra meeting for leadership stuff. SO Saturday was the only day we actually worked in our area.

Elder Salingay is cool. He’s a little weird, but he loves being a missionary. He's got what we call MTC FIRE, a burning desire to share the gospel. It’s pretty nice because he pushes himself to talk to people, I kinda just walk next to him and help when he falters. His teaching skills need some work, but that’s fine, we've got 3 months to work on it. 

I gotta go but that weird tree is what we call maasim (sour).  It is such a weird tree cus the fruit just grows on the trunk. (He didn’t send this picture)

Love ya

I just wanna be home and run outside in a t-shirt and shorts. I miss the cold way more than I expected(Kelli told him about the winter storm we just had)



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