This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, April 17, 2017



These are some of the Pics from bahay na bato, a tourist attraction we went to as a zone last week. If anyone is going to Philippines La Union, I suggest going. Entry is 30 pesos to the park, and then an extra 20 I think into the art gallery, which adds up to 1 USD. While we were there the gallery was still being completed, so there was an obstacle at the door, but we were peeking around and under to see inside when we saw the owner of the whole park! He waved us inside and we met him and saw everything. We even saw the guy doing all of the Mural paintings. This is a perfect representation of the Philippines. In America they’d have like a paint suit, or an airbrush, or maybe even a ladder. Nope, here he is in a Philippinas Jersey, flip flops and standing on one of the other art exhibits. And he is MAGALING!! (Talented/skilled) 

Shout out to Elder Rennaker (in tye-dye shirt), serving in Argentina. He’s doing a lot of service right now because they are experiencing storms. He says it rains harder in Portland but since its Argentina they are having difficulty. This is something we will hopefully be doing before I leave Bacnotan, the service. One of our re-activated members doesn’t have a home, so he is basically living out of the town hall of his neighborhood. We found his brother and are gonna try to make a house on the property of their cousin. Maybe I’ll actually be able to do the kind of service people in America think I'm doing right now, like making Bamboo houses.

But anyways, his brother, the one we just found, had a great question to start our first lesson. He had a problem with the Character of Christ, why we worship him, why we think he is God. We had a fun time answering this unique question by telling him about the Godhead. And ultimately God the Father is the All-powerful being who created us all spiritually, then Jesus Christ, his son, created us all physically. This is why sometimes people can be confused about Jesus Christ being the Father and the Son, He is the Father of our physical bodies, and the son of god. A powerful scripture we shared is what Jesus said to Mary outside of his tomb "Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father, who is your Father, and to my God, who is your God". His wife is a non-practicing Muslim, so we should have an interesting time teaching them with a new angle, that God is the Father of all and that his Son, Jesus Christ is our physical creator, Savior, and Brother. 

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