This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Me photo bombing Elder Salingay while he takes selfies, drinking hand sanitizer and holding corn.

A nice picture of the missionaries in Branch Agoo 3A, accidently color matching.

Brother Ordinerio with his pet monkey. (The little store in front of my house has 2 monkeys and I’ll try to get a picture holding the one that doesn’t bite before I leave.)

This is a man working to prepare a field for planting of rice. 

Nanay (momma) Dulce back at it again. She cut the base of a probably 3" thick tree but it got caught in the branches and electrical wire; she’s climbing up those limbs trying to disconnect it. SHES 77!!! I went up after her and was standing about where her head is. Her little grandchildren started running around saying "Monkey Si Elder Hennessey" and laughing like crazy. Back at home I'd try to do a lot for my Mom and grandparents if it was something that should be done by someone more young, so I try to do a lot for Nanay, even though she always tells me not to and that she is capable enough. 

Me "praying" and pretending to kiss Chicken, the dog of Nanay Bautista. I got to name the dog because I told them an example of how weird Portland is: One day I was playing rugby at the park when a man started yelling chicken, I turned to see a man calling for his dog to fetch the ball, they laughed and thought the story was ridiculous, but the name stuck. 

More pics from Hike we went on earlier today, there are cooler ones from the photo op I took with Elder Faingaa but I don’t have those from his camera yet. 

Also a pic of us with our Branch Mission Leader (BML) Brother Oliver when we made buko, or sticky rice with coconut oil, it was MASERAP (delicious).

Haha I was wondering why Dad took a picture of the flower at his table but it is a dessert pala (surprise word)! And wow, please say to Greta that I thought her shells were things Dad had bought and brought back from Mexico because they are so realistic and maganda (beautiful). And wow that is crazy about the dam, it goes to show that inspections on big things are super important. Like all these bridge inspections, sometimes people say oh that’s unnecessary but this is a good example of why u need to inspect regularly. 

Holy wow, the resort Dad stayed at is crazy big, Elder Salingay looked at the picture and said "where is da swimming pool?" I laughed because he’s just such a weird guy, and I doubt he has ever been in a swimming pool before.  Our food here is probably that much topping for the rice, and then the whole plate is covered in rice. I learned how to cook sticky rice last week, literally over half of everything here comes from or is made from some kind of rice. I’ll cook stuff for you guys when I come back. I heard of one elder who got super sick the day he got back because he didn’t eat any rice and since his stomach was so accustomed to it bread and cereal wasn’t good enough. I eat a pretty even mix cuz I won’t eat rice for breakfast, unless its rice soup, which is just rice with 3x as much water as usual and u add sugar or salt....that’s it. 

7 more days till I hit 7 months. 

Love you all, 

Elder Hennessey

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