This Blog is about Elder Hennessey's two year mission, in the Philippines Baguio Mission, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Our lessons with investigators are all in tagalog now.  We had to say goodbye to Kevin, our first investigator who was leaving and gonna start taking lessons from sister missionaries in Temple Square. It was sad to see him go, we'd become friends some how, through our horrible conversations in tagalog. The next day he shows up as our teacher, Brother Uhi, so that was a shock. He served in Baguio and Urdaneta missions, and actually knew and was friends with Sione Aisea (Sione also known as "Vaha" is a rugby teammate of Tiegue's. Vaha served in Baguio mission a couple of years ago)! He is a good teacher and it is weird hearing him speak in english, on the rare occasions that he does to make sure we understand him. 

Our new investigator, Abraham, is also played by Bro. Uhi. He is just role playing as investigators that he had while on his mission. Our lesson last night with Abraham was very more real, and difficult since Bro. Uhi demanded a higher bar of Tagalog. Unice (Tiegue's companion) wasn't able to input much since we didn't even get to our lesson; but since I actually know meaning behind memorized words I can put them together to speak my own sentences. It was all good; I didn't mind talking most of the time, It was nice seeing what I can piece together with like 3 english words thrown in. 

On our last lesson with Kevin, I told the story about the girl who wants a bike and works for the money by doing chores for her parents, but then her dad ends up buying it and just asks her to love him always. Then compared that to how we need to try our best to do the right thing, then The Savior makes everything possible and just asks us to follow him. Anyways, Ang munti babay naggusto dito bicycleta translates to "The little girl wanted this bike." I said the sentence and Kevin bursts out laughing, I start to laugh as well, though unsure what was funny. Ano, ano? what what? then Kevin starts imitating a monkey going "oo-oo-aa-aa" and waving his arms. I had said Ang munKi babay, a little monkey girl wanted a bike. It was hilarious and shows how big of a mistake you can make with just one wrong letter. This was our fifth lesson, we accepted Bro. Hill's challenge to not rely on notes. Although I did grab mine out of my bag to see why Kevin was laughing, I only used them for that one word, Munti.

Last Saturday night we planned to have a 3rd floor pillow fight. We started out with two pillows on each hand and basically boxing. Of course I ended up squaring up on Elder Peni, the biggest Samoan in the building because no one else would. Because of this I'd have to teach two discussions the next day with a fat bruised lip and bitten tongue. It was fine tho; I'm just glad none of the teachers or leaders asked about it. We eventually switched to one pillow each and just swinging them, no more boxing. Once we were tired of hitting each other we started moving around floors, going into people's rooms who we knew, turning off the lights and just going ham. Also there was a broken water pipe somewhere so an announcement came on over the PA system that the water to our building got shut off, it was oddly like a prison riot...

Sunday morning, after our Missionary conference that I dozed through, I got asked by Elder Birges to lead our discussion on the meeting I'd just slept through! It was my fault tho, I had just gotten through saying that I could do anything, including lead a discussion on anything. Right after that discussion, Unice and I had to teach/lead our priesthood class on baptism and Gift of the Holy Ghost. Unice started it off but I finished off the last 40 minutes, just calling on people, asking for insights, and just talking stalling for time. When it was over the Branch President who had sat in said how wonderful the lesson had been, and that he should have video taped it as an example on how to give an effective lesson. I was surprised but glad for the positive feedback. In the last couple days I've had multiple missionaries who were in the class come up to me and say thanks for the amazing lesson, that it was great, that they "didn't know two new elders could give such as good lesson", and that "it changed my life." I had no idea it would get that feedback but I guess we said somethings that needed to be heard.

This is Unice, Maners and Birges (left to right). I had to get a good picture of Maners to tell 2 of the funny things he's done. One time I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth. Maners comes in about to shave. He sprays something into his hand and says, I don't think this is my shaving cream. He leaves right away and I smell something like superglue or chemicals. He had almost just sprayed shoe-waterproofing spray on his face instead of shaving cream. Everyone heard about it quickly and that's when I heard about the time he used sunscreen instead of body wash for an entire shower. Besides the bathroom, he does a lot of other goofy things. 

Also thanks for the package!!! You have no idea how well you perpetuate the stigma of "Keep Portland Weird." Unice had gotten a bunch of weird toys but nothing as random as a beet. The note cleared it up though. Thanks GRETA:) I've also heard from other people in the ward and family and have gotten a package. Nice!

I gotta run but I'll talk to you next week. maybe quickly tonight, we'll see.  Yes I finally have some pictures to send you.
My three roomies: E. Unice, E. Schuab, E. Haycock (front to back.)

Our classroom. Left to right is Unice, Yours Truly, Schuab, Elder McMullin, and Elder Clark. I could say so much about all of them, but don't know where to start, I'll mix in some stories eventually, hopefully.
The Provo temple is super cool, not as cool as PDx's tho obviously. It looks like a birthday cake, a spinning top, UFO, take your pick, we've said them all. We go on a walk to the temple each Sunday and get to go in and do temple work on our Pdays. The temple cafeteria is tha bomb! definitely worth getting their early to get the breakfast. This morning tho, E. Unice dropped a bite of pancake with boysenberry syrup all down his tie, so funny.

Sitting by the fountain is (left to right) Maners (so funny) Unice, Birges (our District leader,) Pue'fua, Holmes, and Sasine. I don't know the guy standing up. Hopefully the picture is in focus for you, its not while I'm looking at it, but I'll get better ones in the future. 

Our roomies again: Haycock, Schuab, Me, Unice. 

And last is an average PCL with Elder Unice (Personal, companionship, and language study session.)

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